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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We Bring You This Update...

...on my life.

As if it's interesting. Because it's not.

On the dog

She seems to be better....two days in a row and no mess! And of course she LOVES her hamburger and rice mixture (which is really heavy on the rice but she doesn't seem to care).

On Sunday I gave her a bath...remind me never to do that again. It is SO worth paying a groomer to do a proper job and it involves a LOT less cleaning when it's done! That dog shook and flooded the entire bathroom. OH...and she wasn't even in the tub at that point!

She needed a bath badly, and considering we're spending Thanksgiving at my brother's house, well, it was just time. And tomorrow, she's coming with me to work.

I work in a very dog-friendly office as most of us have our own pets. She came with me once before, but most of my co-workers weren't in at the time. They will be in tomorrow for at least part of the day, and we have a special visitor coming to our office. She will CERTAINLY be surprised to see my happy shepherd greet her at the door! I can't wait to see our visitor's expression of joy. :-)


Studying for tests is painful. I've been laboring away at it, and hope to get through some more tonight. We'll see how that goes. I never seem to accomplish as much as I plan in a given time, although it seems that in the end it all works out.

After our next class in December, we will be half-way done with the Master's program. 3 semesters left! A year and a half!

I'm trying to stay positive when I look at that long stretch and count the cost both financially and in terms of study hours, but graduates tell me it really is worth it. I'm going to choose to believe them.


My car payment this month revealed that I have about $1800 left to pay on the loan. There is a delayed payment from this last summer that they granted me, and that delays the payoff by one month past the original maturity date, but it's not making much difference in the overall; I got the loan at a 6% rate. (My first car loan was at 14%!)

So...any volunteers out there want to send me a check for about $1600 to pay off my car?


Okay. I didn't think so. Just thought I'd ask.

Gotta say, though it sure does feel good to see the end of at least ONE debt payment within sight. You all know what I mean. Especially in this economy!


Melody K said...

Glad Tikaani is feeling better!

uncle jim said...

So...any volunteers out there want to send me a check for about $1600 to pay off my car?

WANT has nothing to do with it ...

I WANT to pay it off for you - but cannot.

Love anyways.

Adoro said...

Melody ~ Me, too!

Uncle Jim ~ I'll take love over money ANY DAY! lol

Banshee said...

This is when you need that Amazon or Paypal donation button! LOL!

Similarly, I've got a St. Albert the Great prayer card I could send you, but I don't have your address!

Very glad to hear that your dog's feeling better.

Adoro said...

Maureen ~ lol...for some reason I highly doubt someone is going to send me $1600 dollars!

Prayer cards are nice, though.:-)

uncle jim said...

i hereby dub thee

princess thomasina, the doubter