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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Death and Thanksgiving

Today I received an emailed prayer request from a friend. Her cousin Monica has been battling cancer, and last week she was diagnosed with brain cancer. They didn't expect her to live past December.

This was followed by another, more shocking email; the cancer was in other organs and they had given her 24 hours.

I just received a third email; Monica passed away this very afternoon.

As the rest of the world gives thanks for all sorts of random and inane things, and eats big meals and plans to go shopping at the great cathedrals to the gods of Consumerist Materialism, that family will stil be mourning one of their own. And they will keenly feel that loss throughout Advent and Christmas as well.

Tomorrow, when you sit down for Thanksgiving with your family, do not forget to thank God for your family, for your friends, for your health, and your life.

Please keep Monica and her family in your prayers.


X said...

Prayers ascend.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Prayers here.

I also request prayers for my co-worker. Her Dad was admitted to the hospital thru the ER last night. It's bad.

Adoro said...

I know Monica thanks you both.

Cathy, prayers going up.

Also pray for my brother...I just learned he was in the hospital on Sunday. Fine, but has high blood pressure. And that idiot didn't tell me he was even in the hospital!

Banshee said...