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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I just heard a random comment from a reporter speaking her giddy piece from the Obama soiree.

"I'm not going to have a voice tomorrow!"

No truer words were ever spoken. And she's celebrating the fact.

As I listen to the voters who have apparently elected a socialist government into being, screaming, toasting enjoying their moment, I realize that we now know the sound of liberty dying.

No, I didn't vote for Obama: Because he doesn't represent me. He doesn't represent my values, and he certainly doesn't represent my need for financial well-being; for under his leadership I will not just fear losing my house; I'll end up in a box on the corner. Even further, by his politics he has revealed that my parents shouldn't exist and I shouldn't exist. He has betrayed not just this country through his liberal policies, but he has betrayed in thought and deed the very people who have already elected him into power.

I'm listening to Senator McCain's humble concession speech; you'll find no animosity from the Republican side. One of the reasons I voted for McCain was that he knows suffering and he knows obedience, and he knows the value of blood and guts. Obama and his camp, for the most part, does not. McCain has quite literally and visibly spilled his own blood for this country; Obama has not.

McCain knows humility, and that this humiliation doesn't even come CLOSE to what he has experienced in the past.

And so, with McCain, the leader I have chosen, I know I must congratulate our new President Barak Obama.

Yes, it makes us an Obamanation, so be it. We knew it was coming, and it only means we must pray harder, especially for the unborn.

On the News, they are saying history is being made. Indeed. And history is being lost. Much is being made of a Black President (he's actually Bi-racial). But nothing is being made of the fact that the race is being lost by a potential female Vice President.

Goodbye America. So long, Freedom.

My friends....are you ready for what is to come?

God's will be done.

To my friends in other countries....don't look to America as shores of refuge any longer. We've just elected a government just like yours. To my Canadian friends....our countries are now the same. If you have any wisdom, please offer it to your southern sister. We've always been friends, and to us in Minnesota, you're like an extension of our hunting and fishing grounds. And dang! It's COLD up there!

While praying this afternoon, I knew this moment would come so offered: God's will be done. This is not like other elections; there were some major issues at stake, things the media has directly hidden. Things some voters thought were just "Republican propaganda" but they will soon learn that THEY were the victims of propaganda. Stuff even some in the Democratic party might be shocked to know.

So...God's will be done. So be it. Our Churches will lose our tax-exempt status, and we are going to lose our right to "free speech"'ll go the way of the Canadians. Speaking out against homosexual behavior and homosexual marriage will be considered to be "hate speech", and just as Catholic organizations have been forced to close down adoption agencies rather than send dear chldren to homosexual couples, so will churches close for priests refusing to perform homosexual "marriages."

And the children....Obama has promised to sign FOCA. Get ready to clean up the mess, for the women and children to be harmed by this act will be something that has never been seen before in our history.

No, we won't go the way of Hollywood and declare that we are defecting in some kind of temper tantrum. We will remember that for now, we still have a voice, we will exercise it as long as wel can, we are citizens of this country, and if our new President does something well, we will be behind him, and if he does not..we will vote. It's all we have.

People have suffered at the hands of bad government from the beginning of time. Why should America be any different? This just makes the point; politics aren't here to save us. We already HAVE a messiah; no matter where we live, the land we inhabit and which holds us as "citizens" is not our home.

So....are we ready for the next couple years? So let it be...

Don't forget to pray.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Pater Noster...

Mark said...

God in his providence has a way of bringing good out of evil. From a UK perspective, what has happened in America represents a dark day not only for the US but for all of us in Europe who viewed the US as the last bastion of true freedom.

We've experienced socialism over here (we're experiencing it now), and, yes, it's a complete and utter disaster, most especially for those it professes to help - the vulnerable and the poor.

Maybe America needed to experiment with "Obamaism" in order get the toxin out of its system.

If Obama is anything like most British socialist leaders, his program will fall apart rapidly (especially when voters realise the extent to which they've been deceived over FOCA, etc), and even Democrat voters will be reluctant to go down this kind of route in the future.

Adoro said...

Mark ~ It's chilling to think of how the rest of the world has watched our election, and how you all see us. It so reveals the importance of what we were deciding.

I hope you're right and that America will only take this as an experiment...and not an entirely new direction. With Dem-controlled Congress and White House, well, they can do a LOT of damage in the next 4 years as their power will be mostly unchecked. :-(

Mark said...

Adoro - I don't think that what I've said IS all that representative of how the rest of the world sees America.

Most of the UK seems to be rejoicing. I think Europe feels that America has embraced "civilized" European values.

Most Catholics over here aren't aware of the president-elect's more extreme positions. It's only thanks to blogs like yours that I've become aware.

Anonymous said...

Mark ~ I apologize, I didn't mean that. I was speaking in broader terms; the fact that, as you note and in articles I've read over the last few days, the world has been watching this election as a significant one. And they also seem to see Obama as a type of "messiah". Amazingly, a lot of the people here who voted for him also have not realized his extreme politics....they thought that it was just "Republican rhetoric". Now, I'm not a Repbulican, although I voted mostly Republican in this election (and NO Dem.). Many votors don't align specifically with a party as we choose to vote with our heads and not with blind allegiance. And our nasty election was almost all rhetoric, which meant that by the end, everyone was so sick of mudslinging that even truthful assertions were being seen a "rhetoric" or "propaganda".


The world rejoices while they watch America implode. I'm completely unsurprised.

Mark said...

Adoro - I keep on meaning to congratulate you on your wonderful blog. It's definitely one of the very best Catholic blogs around, and I almost invariably find in your posts something that makes me think more deeply about things.

As regards the election, the UK, sadly, sees it largely in terms of race. The line taken by the media over here - and doubtless in much of the US, too - is that it's a historic day for America because of electing a black president, and I think all other issues have been swept under the carpet in a way that wouldn't have happened in other circumstances.

With regard to this sensitive issue, I noted a while ago on my own blog that Dr Alveda King, Martin Luther King's niece, has been leading protests against Barck Obama's extreme pro-abortion positions.

According to Dr King, "Senator Obama’s answer to the ills of society, such as continued tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, are diametrically opposed to everything African Americans truly believe and an anathema to the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."

"Every aborted baby is like a slave in the womb of his or her mother. The mother decides his or her fate. In the shadow of the famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech by my uncle in 1963, as Barack Obama makes his speech in 2008, how can the Dream survive if we murder the children?”

Anonymous said...

Mark ~ Thank you. Alveda King has been on the news (especially Catholic news!) with her courageous work to end abortion and speak for Truth. The main stream media largely ignored her because her message was inconvenient to their savior complex.

The propaganda for Obama has been horrific.

Hidden One said...

As a Canuck, here's what I say: PRAY.