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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ascent to God

We cannot ascend to God without assenting. And yet, how often we fail.

Just this morning I went to Confession, and realized how often I sin, knowing full well that what I'm doing is wrong. Knowing that my actions, my willful thoughts, and my intentions offend Our Lord...and in that recognition I have a chance to reverse my direction and do what is good. It seems that almost always, I choose to do what is evil in the sight of God.

These are typical "everyday" faults, not great, grave matters, yet through frequent Confession and frequently examining our consciences we come to see more and more clearly how these faults build up and become ingrained habits. And we see how often we knowingly and willfully commit our evil acts.

What astounds me is that I can be so aware of what I'm doing...and go ahead and do it anyway. So I am thankful for the advice Father gave me this morning; to rely on God, and not myself, that we can't ascend without His Grace. We can only cooperate, and we can only cooperate when we recognize how we are falling.

God in His mercy continually picks us up and sets us on the right path, knowing we will fall again, through our own wills, our own desires. Yet we have hope, for we know He will be there as long as we need Him...and we will NEVER stop needing God.

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