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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Book Review: Vocation in Black and White

Book Review: Vocation in Black and White

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Many women, however, have been called to the Dominican Nuns’ contemplative way of life. In honor of 800 years of Dominican ministry, twenty-three nuns share their stories of how God invited them to this way of life in Vocation in Black and White: Dominican Contemplative Nuns Tell How God Called Them. The stories are amazing. It is so interesting to read of the various ways God speaks to a soul. There is no set blueprint, no formula by which someone can be certain that they have a call to contemplative life. Sometimes it was an interior voice that spoke in a woman’s heart. Other times, it was the simple unfolding of circumstances that led a woman to the Dominicans’ door. There is no set background a woman must have had.

Read the whole thing! That book is HUGELY on my reading list (when this semester ends mid-December...)


Unknown said...

And?! Did you read it?

Another book I totally love is Stalking the Divine. A lapsed Catholic spends time learning about the Poor Clares in Cleveland. Excellent Book.

I'll have to read it again while I'm on vacation.

btw, I am laurasplat from Plurk. :)

Adoro said...

No, I haven't read it, no time, not with grad school. Can't even get through the assigned reading each month, never mind reading something extra.