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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Since he doesn't allow comments...

Parish the Thought: Adoro te Devote: Patrick Madrid Has a Blog!

OK, now I'm getting it from all sides. Actually I'm just getting it from Ohio. Maybe Patrick and Adoro have ganged up on me because they are both in Ohio? Consipiracy I tell you, Conspiracy!

Anyway . . . I have enough fun moderating comments every day at the Paris (especially after the Sunday Homilies) so I don't need the extra work on the blog.

Sorry y'all - but it WAS fun to tell folks to change their clocks. Arizonan's don't feel a need to mess with time to make our days productive!

Well, see, since the good Father doesn't allow comments, he now thinks that both Patrick Madrid and I are from Ohio.

I just want to make it clear to him that I'm NOT from Ohio, but from Minnesota, even though I totally agree with Mr. Madrid with regard to the Arizona Father's policy of not allowing comments. It's just that I have some really wonderful friends throughout Ohio, even though I actually inhabit this Great White North, Don'cha know? Although a case could be made that the Midwestern Catholics are forming a conspiracy, if not those from Ohio specifically.

You know, Father Pelletier, if you allowed comments I would have been able to say simply, "Oh, yah, I'm from MN, would you like some fresh hotdish before I head out on the lake to put da house out der for ice fishin?" And that would be the end of it. But it seems we can't even email you to say a simple there ya go!

Bless yer heart!, as my friends in Kentucky and Tennesse would say.....and a few friends in Ohio who know the phrase....


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