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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Rockin' the World!

I was nominated by Ironic Catholic as a Rockin' Girl Blogger, and now I get to nominate five other women who rock!

* Cathy_of_Alex, the Recovering Dissident. This woman blows me away with her knowledge of the faith and her boldness in sharing it with others, no matter what it might cost her. If the world were full of Catholics like her, well, it would be a better place. Gotta say it...she ROCKS!

* Angela Messenger. This Canadian Catholic woman and I have a bit in common...we both teach RCIA, but she's probably better at it and she knows more than I do. Her blog is filled with spiritual introspection and resultant instruction, humor, prayer, and parody. What else could anyone want? Angela is Rockin' Canada!

* Ma Beck! This Lady inspires me with her strong pro-life stance. She has a few recent posts about her experiences at an abortuary in Chicago and the raw reality contained within the words of Planned Parenthood workers themselves. And of course, I know she's tough because she was a Coast Guard Cop, and now, as an ex-Coastie I feel a bit of solidarity with her because I was an almost-Coastie. Learning that about her just increased the already-great respect I have for her and her writing. Rock on, girlfriend!

* Loved Sinner. Tara is a convert to the Church and has completely fallen in love, and that's why she rocks. Not only did she have to wade through a lot of stuff and overcome a great deal in order to join the Church, but once she made that decision she pressed on in spite of her own private battles. She kept her eyes on Jesus, knowing that He was there for her, and now she shares her conversion, her faith, and her everyday life and photos with us. I can see that she loves with the love of Christ, and that's why she deserves this award. Tara is A Rockin' Girl Blogger from Utah.

* Catholic Mom of 10. This wonderful Lady who hails from England not only serves as a loving mother to ten children, but is willing to put it all out there even in the face of rabid secularism. If that doesn't Rock, I don't know what does! Mrs. Jackie Parkes MJ, mantilla-twitch to you and yours!

And you know what? That's not enough. I'm sorry, but I HAVE to add another name, another blog, to the list. I'd be remiss if I did not.

* Sarah, the Snoring Scholar. Talk about writing from the heart, and even from the heart of the garden! She can bring a flower to life just as easily as she can bring her little girl's joi de vive to your screen...and apparently she doesn't have a green thumb! A confession here...for years, I thought that I could never be a mother, thought I'd NEVER want to go through childbirth, raise children, etc. Yet, when Sarah shares her experiences as a young mother with another on the way, I come to understand what it means to be a woman, what it means to be a mother, and the miracle of life is made personal to me. Thank God for women like Sarah. Is there any doubt that Sara is a Rockin' Girl?

Blog On, Ladies!


Anonymous said...

Girl, you ROCK! You are brilliant and deserve to be awarded! The thing I like most about you is your complete honesty. Your writing is from your heart--you have a God given talent for writing!

In looking for a new job--look for something where you can utilize your bright mind and writing talent.

Wow! Thanks for nominating me and all the kind things you said.

Also, thanks for sharing your life with us, I find your blog an encouragement to my faith--in Utah with mostly Mormons--it is so nice to talk and listen to others who feel the same way about Jesus that I do. The Holy Spirit knows how to connect us!

Thanks, my dear sister in Christ.

Anonymous said...

Adoro! Wow! Congratulations!

And thanks for nominating me - I better get rid of those weird cat posts LOL!!!!!

Adoro said...

Tara ~ If God provides, I'll go. Otherwise I'm falling back upon my degree, which I left behind in favor of working for the Evil Empire. Which I'm leaving behind. :-)

Angela ~ NO! I LIKE the cat pictures!

Anonymous said...

you know how to pick 'em!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks Mac! Praise indeed!

God bless

Anonymous said...

Woops ! i meant adoro!

Cathy said...

Thanks for the kind words, Adoro!
They are a balm in this mad world.
I genuinely appreciate all the things you said, and I wanted to tell you thank you for your inspired and inspiring posts.
They come from the heart and never fail to give me something to think about.
(Semper Paratus.)

Adoro said...

God bless you, Mrs. Jackie Parkes MJ!

Ma Beck ~ Semper Paratus!

Sarah Reinhard said...

*Pause while I sit in silence, alone with your words.*

Somehow, you know just what to say to make me shake my head and say, "Wow, LOOK what GOD can do!" Cuz, um, if I'm the one who makes you see that you can be a mother too, then WOW indeed. And I'm glad you've never thought that perhaps I should focus more on the pondering and less on the gardening (or said little girl).

I was never going to be a mother. I'm sure glad God had other plans.

And I'm so blessed to have you in my life, Adoro; you're in my daily thoughts and prayers and someday I just know we'll get a chance to sit down and have that glass of wine together!

Thanks so very much for the nomination, and for the friendship and inspiration you have fostered through this blogging thing. I never thought when I started blogging that it would add such a rich dimension to my life. (See, I'm not one to have good foresight. Never thought I'd be a mother...never thought this good stuff would come from blogging...God's got a long way to go with me!)

You rock too - keep up the ROCKIN good work!