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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy July 4th!

In this country, although the celebration of our nation's independence is indeed recognized, in reality we can't FATHOM the true reality of what the original day was like. We have all been born, or naturalized, or immigrated into this country, a country that was already well established and has been a Super Power for a very long time.

In my observation, and even experience, while we all look forward to July 4th, there seems to be something missing; perhaps a sort of reverence due to our founding fathers? More often than not, the day is used for vacation-type pursuits - boating, grilling, heading up to the cabin, sleeping in, drinking beer or other beverages, and at the end of a hot, muggy, sunny day off from work, we watch pyrotechnics that may have come straight from China.

I'm not saying that all the above activities should not be enjoyed today, for engaging in them does honor the blood of those who have died for our country throughout our history; they died so that we CAN do these things.

In my estimation, though, perhaps we need to all be certain to take time to remember and pray for those who have fallen, and offer our own sufferings and sacrifices today on their behalf.

Before 2001, I'll admit that I really didn't get into the true spirit of our Independence. But the following year, July 4, 2002, following the 9-11 attacks, this reality hit home for me. People DIED so that we could enjoy our freedoms, and some people in this world DESPISE the freedoms that we have and will do their best to force the world into their control, or into the control of their own ideology. An ideology that leaves no room for freedom. We've seen such "governments" come and go throughout the history of the world; America stands as a bastion against such tyranny, and may she continue to do so.

That year, 2002, I wept during the fireworks; I could not stop the tears. People have died so that we may enjoy our freedom. The least we can do is to continue to honor the memory of ALL of the fallen, and ALL of those who are serving today to defend our country.

NOTE: The flag pictured is the Great Garrison Flag.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the reminder.
we should all be on our knees in thanksgiving for those who died for us.

Anonymous said...

Happy Holiday!

Cathy_of_Alex said...


Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

If I, as a subject of a King or citizen of a republic declared war on a lawful goverment what would I be?

A. A traitor.

If I won?

Talk about relatvism.

Oh the irony of a government founded by heretics and traitors that has the temerity to turn right around and declare treason to be levvying war on it! LOL.