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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Grad School News and Booklist

I spoke with the IPT director today, and advised him of my situation; I cannot pay for school, but I don't want to withdraw. He mentioned that loans MAY be available, and had the Program Coordinator look into it and get back to me.

She gave me the info for a specific lender and website, I went there, applied, and have the preliminary approval, even e-signed it. So now I know...I can go to school this semester. Praise God! It is a bit unofficial until I get the confirmation of approval, but as I have good credit and have never defaulted on a loan, there is no reason they would deny me.

I am keeping my Grad School bleg, however, because these loans are not subsidized so I hope to be able to contribute something as I go. The reality is that I'm getting a loan because I can't afford it on my own. And I continue to thank those of you who have been so generous already in your assistance. Your funds will help me buy books.

As promised, I am posting the book list. If you happen to have any of these titles/editions and would like to send them my way either as a donation or as a sale, let me know either in the combox or via email. Please note, I am posting specific editions because some of the titles have multiple versions. If the prof provided the ISBN number, I will provide it as well, in order to be as specific as possible.

Please note: The titles I am listing are not ALL the books required for the classes. I am not listing those resources I already have in my possession.


* ONE of the following titles: (all out of print)

1. Trouve', Marianne Loraine, FSP (General Editor), The Sixteen Documets of Vatican II, with introduction by Douglas G. Bushman, S.T.L. (Boston: Pauline Books & Media, 1999)

2. The Sixteen Documents of Vatican II, with Commentaries by the Council Fathers (Boston, MA: St. Paul Editions) - poss paperback is the only version available

3. The Sixteen Documents of Vatican II (Boston, MA: St. Paul Editions) - hardback only

OR, as a last resort:

* Flannery, Austin (ed.), Vatican Council II: The Conciliar & Post Conciliar Documents, Costello Publishing Co; Revised edition, 1987 (Paperback)
ISBN: 0918344395

Of the above, I am praying to find the first one on the list. The prof did note that of the alternate option, there is an inclusive language edition which is not recommended in any way, shape, or form.


* Aumann, Jordan, Spiritual Theology (Westminister, MD: Christian Classics, 1987).

* Vatican II, Lumen gentium, Dogmatic Constitution on the Church. Chapter V: The universal Call to Holiness in the Church. Boston: Pauline Books and Media
ISBN: 0-8198-1843-7 (( If I can find one of the V2 books, this should obviously be included ))

* St. Alphonsus Liguori, Uniformity with God's Will, Thomas W. Tobin, trans., Rockford IL, Tan books and Publishers, Inc., 1977.
ISBN 0895550199

* St. Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life. John K. Ryan, trans. Preface and Frist part (New york: Doubleday, 1989, [1972]
ISBN: 0-385-03009-6

I actually own Intro. to the Devout Life, but not that edition. I may check to see if mine is acceptable but otherwise I'm expecting to have to buy this book.


* The New Jerusalem Bible, Henry Wansbrough, General Editor. New York: Doubleday, 1985. ISBN: 0385142641 *******REGULAR EDITION ******

* The Holy Bible: Revised Standard Version. Catholic edition. San Francisco: Ignatius Pres, 1999.
ISBN: 089870491x


* The Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version. 2nd Catholic edition. San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2006.
ISBN: 978-0-89870-833-2; 0-89870-833-8; 978-0-89870-834-9; 0-89870-8334-6, 978-0-89870-936-0; 0-89870-936-9

(prof note; "it is important the student obtain this edition (NOT the New Revised Standard Version)

* Pontifical Biblical Commission, The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church. Boston: Pauline Books & Media, 1993. ISBN: 0-8198-3670-2

* Pontifical Biblical Commission, Sancta mater ecclesia ("The historicity of the Gospels 4/21/1964) Boston: Pouline Books & Media, n.d. ISBN: 0-8198-3344-4

* Pope Leo XIII, Providentissimus deus (On the Study of Sacred Scripture" 11/18/1893). Boston: Pauline Books & Media, n.d. ISBN: 0-8198-6922-8

* Pope Pius XIII, Divino afflante spiritu ("On the Promotion of Biblical Studies" 9/30/1943) Boston: Pauline Books & Media, n.d., ISBN: 0-8198-5858-7)

I have the RSV-CE, but my ISBN does not match, so I'll be contacting the prof to see if mine is sufficient. Otherwise I'll be obtaining two more Bibles.

Please, if any of you can provide any of these books, or even links where they can be found new or used, let me know. I'm primarily looking for used books, just as I did as an undergrad, but Theology resources tend to have a nasty habit of going out of print quickly, presenting special challenges to both students and professors. Clearly the V2 documents are availalbe at the Vatican II website, but unfortunately, the computer screen gets in my way when I try to highlight special passages, and then I scroll down and lose my space, and thus the highlighter fluid has marked a totally different passage or nothing at all. They, in total, are too long to print out so I am looking to actually purchase the books recommended.

And please, y'all, keep praying for me. I'm happy to be looking forward to beginning graduate school in earnest, even if it's only for one semester. It's all on God's grace, and His grace sometimes arrives in the form of a student loan.

I didn't think a loan was available for those of us off campus, but apparently they are, thank God. It could be a special arrangement the school made with the lender, so clearly I'm grateful.

This is one thing off my list.

And I got another app turned in today and another with the same county for another position. I don't have a chance in the world at the latter, but one never knows until one is either rejected or called for an interview. All in God's hands.

God bless!


Anonymous said...

I have the Jordan Aumann 'Spritual Theology' you list
as well as the 'Introduction to the Devout Life' edition you list
and I have the first edition of the Flannery V2 documents, but not the revised.

Adoro said...

Uncle Jim...I'll buy the first two from you, and if you want to "hold" that last one, I can check and see if it's an acceptable edition?

I'd ask to borrow them, but I've already learned through my first class that the books must end up marked, up, tabbed, and highlighted. That would be very rude, to borrow a book, wreck it, and give it back. :-)

Christina said...


Wow, your book list almost makes me want to go to Grad school!

I do have several copies of Lumen Gentium since my friends and I are studying "The Spirit of V2". However, it appears you'll need the complete documents so that wouldn't help much ;)

Personally I find the Flannery Edition easier to read, although comparing the translations can be more enlightening than reading just one. Did you say it had inclusive language?

Adoro said...

christina ~ Actually, the prof said, and I echoed, that ONE of the Flannery editions sports inclusive language, and so that version is NOT recommended. So I'll read the Vatican website before I'd order it. I think that's also why he provided the ISBN #, so as to help us avoid getting the wrong editions. Especially inclusive language.

I chose Ave Maria because it's a dissent-free school, and abhors inclusive language as much as I do. Inclusive language is insulting and actually completely excludes everyone.

But that's a rant I already did. :-)

Anonymous said...

"books must end up marked, up, tabbed, and highlighted. That would be very rude, to borrow a book, wreck it, and give it back."

Actually, that is the best condition for a book; to end up always looking new is almost disrespectful. A book should get 'used' or what's the point?

Adoro said...

uncle jim ~ Touche'! You're right! LOL

Anonymous said...

...and furthermore, why in the world would we go through our shelves, in this circumstance, just to find old books we haven't looked at in years and 'SELL' them to you?
You can go on line and probably find them for a good and fair price and get them shipped to you directly in good time and order.
So, while I will ship mine to you, THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE. They ARE for you to use and mark up as needed.
Someday, who knows when, you may return them.
And then someone else can use them.
Or let me know that you've passed them forward to some other hungry soul.

swissmiss said...

You are still in my prayers. I checked the books that I had from the theology classes I had to take at St. Thomas and didn't have any of these, but never really expected to since my college days were - sigh - nearly two decades ago. You may want to check the UST bookstore to see if they have any of these books. Get there soon to get a chance on used ones. I wish I was taking these classes! Grad school sounds like a bright spot in an otherwise difficult summer.

Antonia said...


Some of these documents are available in electronic form. If you use Adobe Acrobat (the latest version, I think), you may be able to use electronic highlights and save them.

Oh yeah, and I saw St Alphonsus' Uniformity with God's Will here: (translated by Tobin).

Will there be a problem in using an electronic version (eg. for citation purposes)?

Adoro said...

Uncle Jim ~ I just wanted to put it out there. :-) Thank you. I'll still have to let you know about the Flannery edition you have, so hold off sending anything yet. I won't need the books until Aug. 25.

Swissmiss ~ I'm actually hoping to avoid UST. There are a lot of online used book sellers and I have a few links, some even provided with our registration materials. And of course, Loome booksellers in Stillwater, for the Vatican II documents. :-)

Antonia ~ Thanks for the link. I'm really hoping to find everything in book version. I ran into some problems even with my last class in using the electronic versions because they were marked differently so my citations were "off". They had all the sources cited, but they weren't in the same place.

That, and wear/tear, use of ink on my printer....well, I'd ratehr not have to print out what I can get from a bookseller. But if worst comes to worst, I definitely need to know where to get the info online!

Anonymous said...

The Laboure Society exists to provide financial assistance to individuals who must eliminate personal debt in order to pursue their vocation to priesthood or religious life in the Catholic Church.

Not certain if your situation fits the mission, but it never hurts to ask.


Adoro said...

Anon ~ Thanks, but I'm not seeking a religious vocation, just grad theology. :-)

Someone else may need that link, though.

Anonymous said...

I love books! Your list sounds enticing--I'm so glad you are going to school!

While the going may be tough, God always provides a way. You just have to keep knocking and banging at the door.

Arkanabar Ilarsadin said...

INK? Your printer uses INK? That is what we call a "false economy."
Inkjet printers have a lower initial investment, but cost per page is SO much higher. I recently acquired an HP LJ1018, 600dpi, over 10ppm, for under $150 shipped. It will be about 3000 pages before I have to buy toner, and about 10000 MORE pages before I have to do so again.

Adoro said...

To those of you who are inspired to go to grad school: DO!

arkanbar ~ My printer is a Dell 920, is a printer, scanner, and fax machine. (I haven't used the fax portion yet).

And I'm trilled to have it because I was printerless before.

Yeah, I've been ridiculed for not having a Mac, and now you're saying I'm already obsolete.


Sorry, not a techno-geek, so I'll forever be obsolete, but I LOVE my Dell and my printer and even my tower desk, which is actually really cheap.

Are you aware I'm also on dialup?


Stuck in the dark ages, here.

Money is quite tight, even while I'm employed. Technology beyond the basics is not on my list right now, never has been.

Talk to my brother, though...he's corporate Geek Squad and makes a lot of money for his company. He doesnt' get much of it but I'm betting you all could talk shop and have a blast.

( brother chose my computer package for me, while consulting with me about what I need. I rejected the high end stuff you cite because it was too expensive).

One day I'll have a real office and a major-duty printer with a fax to my literary agent....but not now.


A girl can dream, can't she?