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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Labor of Love

The sunflower outside my window is being eaten away, little by little, every day, mysteriously. Other flowers are beginning to sprout from the same stalk, but the large head, which was once so glorious, is now anything but. And yet, the sunflower still lives on, seeking the sun, and providing sustenance to whatever wildlife happens by for a meal.

And still, I water the stalk, no longer for my initial flagging sprout, but now in hopes for the life of the flowers yet to bloom. Because there is always hope; even amidst death, there is hope and there is new life to take the place of the life that has left, and that new life must be tended as well.


Anonymous said...

Nature is so awesome! God planted lessons in everything He made. The seasons, flowers, rainbows, animals. God is good, He is very good!

~Angela M.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous picture!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

There is always hope. The garden can provide a wonderful metaphor for life.

I'm really enjoying your sunflower series. Of course, I still miss the breadcrust but I'm trying to get over it.

I may have to start calling you: LKOTS

Hidden One said...

{Back from vacation}

Adoro said...

cathy ~ That would be "STOKL" backwards.

Angela ~ God hit me with a bunch of metaphors today at adoration, all stemming from this flower.

mrs. Jackie Parkes ~ Got it in a google search! Lots of sunflowers!

Hidden One ~ Did you bring me any sunflowers from your vacation?


Hidden One said...

Sorry, never saw any sunflowers. Plenty of wildflowers, but no sunflowers. Plenty of mosquitoes, too, sadly.