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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Finch and the Sunflower

This afternoon, I sat down at my computer and pulled back the drape so that I could gaze out the window, and there, before my astonished eyes, was a yellow finch perched atop the sunflower.

Mystery solved.

I had actually feared that it was squirrels destroying the flower, but had been a bit mystified as to how those critters could climb the stalk without breaking it. But I also knew birds could of course reach the flower, certain, though, that I would never catch them in the act.

This afternoon though, I saw Mr. Finch, my friendly avian neighbor, happily pecking at his meal to his heart's content. I gazed at the sight in wonder, grateful for the gift of God's hand in motion, feeding the birds of the air; for this sunflower is His very hand.

Just as with the Parable of the Breadcrust, God is giving me a front row seat to the Parable of the Sunflower and through this, He is revealing his everyday glory. It is an encouragement to trust in His providence. Even as I look at the pecked over appearance of the head of the sunflower, I can witness the buds now blooming, I can witness their pollination, and when the time comes, I will again be witness to the feast laid out for not just Mr. Finch, but for his entire family.

It is a parable of trust, a witness to life, and a symbol of God's eternal love.


Kiwi Nomad said...

How wonderful to catch the finch in the act...

Adoro said...

Hi Kiwi!

I just wish I'd caught it on film myself. I had to find a google photo for this (and I don't have a flowerbed...just a sunflower) but it's pretty enough to attract the pretty birds! :-)

Anonymous said...

and from now on your camera will be setting at the window ... yah?

the picture is great

Adoro said...

uncle jim ~ I only wish, but the window is dirty (I gotta get som help to take the outer screen off in order to clean the outside), and I don't have the tech know-how to get photos like this.

I'm still in the dark ages.

I have take a couple photos of the sunflower, and if they come out, I'll scan and post them, but Mr. Finch won't be part of it. :-(

Terry Nelson said...

Sunflowers always attract Goldfinch - I love them, when I was little, they were the State bird of Minnesota, then they changed it to the Loon.

Kiwi Nomad said...

I used to have swan plant by my back door, and monarch caterpillars used to turn into chrysalises there. I was always so happy if I sat out there in the sunshine on the steps and managed to see a butterfly emerging.