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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I was tagged by Cathy and Ray both for this Meme that has been making the rounds.

All About MEme

1. Male or Female: Female

2. Married or Single (or religious): Single

3. Dream vacation: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land or Rome, or both. Or Skiing...or why not ski San Moritz in Italy when visiting Rome?

4. Birthplace: Rockford, IL, in a hospital

5. Area I live in currently: The box I keep my stuff in, called a "house". in MN

6. Someone you wish you could meet: Yeah, I know everyone SAYS this, but I REALLY want to meet the Pope!

7. Biggest "pet-peeve": Hmmm..... Dog owners who do not pick up after their pets, esp. in public areas.

8. Favorite Religious devotion: Eucharistic Adoration

9. Favorite Saint (besides the Blessed Mother): So many! St. Joseph is up there.

10. Favorite sport that you play: Windmill jousting

11. Favorite food: Pizza or Fajitas

12. Tridentine or Novus Ordo: I have never attended a Tridentine Mass, although I want to. So I have to say Novus Ordo by default, HOWEVER, appropriate reverence and orthodoxy are a requirement.

13. Would you (or are you) home school or public school: Went to public school, but depending upon where I live if I ever have children, I may consider home schooling if there are no good Catholic schools available.

14. How many kids do you have: none. I have two dogs.

15.Ever been in an auto accident: Yes. Was a passenger in a vehicle when I was 13 and hit the windshield. Also totalled my own car, a Honda Prelude, my VERY FIRST CAR (3 months to the date after I bought it) back in 1992.

16. Ever seen a Pope in person: No, but I play one on TV.

17.Languages that you know fluently: English (I struggle sometimes to form words and sounds), Spanis (6 years in school, 3 months immersion in Mexico). I wouldn't call myself fluent anymore, but I can carry on a coversation, even if haltingly.

18.Last movie you saw in theatres: The Nativity

19.Favorite Blog: Several

20.Your thoughts on Barney, the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus: I don't think about Barney. Why would I? He's a purple dinosaur with an annoying song. Easter Bunny...well, I had no problem with it when I was a child and if I had children the "Easter bunny" would come for them, too...but as a childless adult I don't think about that character either. Santa Claus...well, St. Nicholas was a real saint and if we could all emulate him we'd all be happier.

I'm not sure there's anyone left to tag on this. So, if you care to tag yourself put a note in the combox and I'll link you.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

#16: LOL! Though, honestly, I must have missed it. I thought it was a dinner theater production and not a TV show?

Anonymous said...

#3 Fr. Erik Richtsteig is hosting a pilgrimage to Rome, only $2279 which includes air fare and most meals--starts Nov 26th--it would be fun to meet you in Rome.

Adoro said...

Cathy ~ :-)

tara - I'd love to go, but no money and what I do have will go to Grad school, which I'm formally starting in the fall. Unless God makes it happen in some other way.

I've been itching to travel for years but it seems never to work out.

If my house and car didn't own me I'd have that "disposable income" I keep hearing about.

Warren said...

Nobody ever tags me. (SULK).

No I'm kidding.

I prefer not to be.