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Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's Official

I got my "Thanks for interviewing" letter today.

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for me in this process. God has spoken, and this is not where He is calling me, and I accept that.

If I could please humbly ask you all to keep praying. I need a miracle, and I need one SOON, and I have nowhere to go.

The good news is that my resume is up-to-date!


Terry Nelson said...

I'm sorry that did not work out - I will continue to pray! God bless you!

Warren said...

My boys and I will be praying for your job situation tonight.


Anonymous said...

More times than I can count I was the #2 choice and then for various reasons #1 changed their mind and I got the job anyway. Maybe this will happen to you too! Prayers continue.

Angela Messenger

Adoro said...

Ultra ~ Thank you.

Angela ~ That's actually how I got my current position which was a promotion. Someone else was actually hired first, but I started first because my unit was able to let me go before hers could. Ironically, now I'm stuck.

But that won't happen in this case because I'm not even close to top choices - I didn't get the second interview.

God's will.

Odysseus said...

Praying for you.

Our Word said...

Chin up, chum. I've had that experience many times before, only to find that something even better was just around the corner. Might be a long, long block, but you'll still make it to the corner if you keep walking.


owenswain said...

One door closed. Amen. Onward now to open doors.

Unknown said...

I really feel sad, Adoro.

And if you check with our St Blog's Saint-guru, I'd bet that Terry could give you a list of hundreds if not thousands of Saints who have been in the same position that you find yourself in.

And speaking from the point of view of one who has often not gotten that second interview, remember that those who do the first interview are not the boss. They are appointed to cut the applications down from 100 or 50 down to ten or five so that the real decision maker won't have to "waste time."

But. . . .

All they know about the position is what is written in the job description. So in that first interview they look for people who "fit" the job description.

If "misfits" show up for the second interview, they might lose their job.

Had St Paul himself applied for that job, he also wouldn't have gotten to the second interview stage because the preliminary interviewers would have found him to be "over-qualified" and having beard, robe and sandals.

Adoro said...

Ray ~

Your experience and mine obviously differ. I have never been interviewed by someone whose job it is to "cut down the field". In my experience, and this one is no different, I have ALWAYS been interviewed by the people who are directly involved in the position and know exactly what they are looking for, whether it is qualities on paper or not. In this case it is the DRE and the assistants to the Director position I was applying for...and it also involved prayer as it was involved with a church. I do truly believe this position involves someone chosen by the Holy Spirit for the spot, and I am not that person. So this has less of a human component than every other job out there.

So I do accept the fact that I am not the choice here.

I am, however, frustrated with my OTHER possible openings and my growing pile of rejection letters.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro: Prayers going up for your healing process! I know how disheartening it can all be. As, Mitchell, said: "chin up"!

Unknown said...


God knows the plans He has for you. He will let you know on a need to know basis,

If this wasn't His plan then somthing else is meant to be in His will for you.

in the immortal words of that great Theologian Tom Petty

The Waiting is the hardest part.