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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Coadjutor Nienstedt

I read the letter from Archbishop Nienstedt published in the Catholic Spirit today, and my heart just goes out to him.

He's been bashed A LOT in our local publications, and even though he hasn't even begun his work here, people have been judging and crucifying him, while demanding that they themselves not be judged BY him. The complete incharitability of some of his detractors is astonishing in its compete malice. I will not republish any of that distasteful stuff here; suffice to say that anyone following his appointment has also been reading the letters and editorials and knows exactly what I'm talking about.

I think we need to remember that Archbishop Nienstedt is a human being and it must be terribly hurtful for him to hear about or read such comments made by people who have not taken a moment to bother getting to know him. He hasn't been given a chance yet. None of us has a right to condemn someone who hasn't even taken his place yet.

Of course, I'm in the camp that, in taking a look at his track record, see a man ready to step up and defend our faith, explain our teachings correctly and without wish-wash, and get to know and understand what's happening here before he takes any specific actions.

God bless him.

From his letter:

As you know, the local newspapers have assumed a "tabloid-like sensational" posture to my nomination, seeking to discredit me in your minds before we even meet. Personally, I find this very inhospitable and not at all in keeping with the classic Minnesota attitude of "fair play."

I ask you to keep an open mind at least until we meet, which I hope will be soon.

I plan to begin making the rounds to our parishes, our Catholic schools and religious education programs as soon as the summer ends.

You know, I have always considered the church a family. We may disagree about one thing or another, but we must, in the end, reconcile our wills to the mind of Christ as it comes to us through his body, the church.


And that's all I have to say. I find that our soon-to be Archbishop speaks best so I ask everyone to take heed to his heartfelt plea and cut him a break.

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