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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blogs of our Lives ~ Episode 3 - As the Blog Turns

When we last left the Recovering Catholic she was lamenting the loss of her childhood home. But tonight...tonight she is red in the face and setting the blogosphere ablaze with her wrath! This woman is a force to be reckoned with, and she will NOT stand down! And if you ever go to Mass with her, prepare to dress in reverence for God or she will "dress" you upside the head!

Our suspected double agent, Ironic Catholic, seems to be back home and comfortably addressing the needs of mothers everywhere. What can this mean? And what's with the picture at the top of her blog? Is that where she lives, or is that where the Unibomber hid?

Back in Fr. V.'s corner of St. Blog's, he's been making recommendations for summer reading, and has a guest poster, a Sister of Life about to take the habit. She expresses her agonizing discernment in powerful terms, leaving us to ask....who will be influenced to follow in hers or Fr. V's footsteps into dedicated service to Jesus Christ?

One of Fr. V's neighbors, a certain Sarah who had gone missing but now returned, wonders about who was wondering about her so recently, and why that person was wondering? Who is this mysterious person who seems to be after her and taking notes? Is Sarah being STALKED? Who IS that masked woman, anyway?

Meanwhile, back at Spirit of Vatican 2, all hell has broken loose as Keith was arrested and his green tea leaves were taken from him. The faith community there is leaping up in solidarity and promising drum circles and protests until he is freed. They've also created a blog rating system and recently discovered a particularly problematic blog...that of none other than the Pyromaniac Priest, the good Fr. Reichtsteig! And the head of the Singles Ministry there, Britnee, has made it very clear that she doesn't like him at all and finds his seeming Republican leanings quite abhorrent and very adversse to the spirit of the times. What's a girl to do? And it doesn't help that Keith also happened to have some of her 'shrooms on him, so she's hoping the police will realize they were just for making pizza.

And would you believe that His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI HIMSELF dropped by to call this parish to conversion!? What a great blessing for this parish, to be noticed by the POPE!

And Catholicism's favorite funny guy, the Curt Jester, thinks that we should be making felt banners again so that students can learn math in the same way they learned their faith when many of us were growing up.

Back in Minnesota, we go to Terry, who has seen the flying Pope. I wonder if his vision has anything to do with being Fortune's Fool the other day?


Terry Nelson said...

Adoro - is the spirit of vatican II for real? Or is it supposed to be funny?

Adoro said...

Terry ~ It is ABSOLUTELY a parody, the parish does not exist.

(someone close to you just became a contributor...)


Terry Nelson said...

Oh! Then it is funny. I think it's funnier I didn't know.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Terry: So do I! Terry, caught unawares by sarcasm? Too, too, much. Or else, you are kidding yet again. Who know with you, sweetie pie.

Adoro: LOL! But now, I really have to watch what I have on now too, don't I? Which is part of my reason for posting on attire. I better look like Jackie-O or I'll never live it down!

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

There is nothing seeming about my Republican leanings. :)

Adoro said...

Cathy ~ so you're saying I can't show them a photo of what you wore LAST WEEK? Boy...would you have egg on your face! LOL


Fr. Richsteig - I keep misspelling your name. I'm so sorry. I must edit.

I was actually going for the "soap opera" suggestiveness...will reveal confirmed Republican card-holding status next time! :-)

swissmiss said...

You forgot Ray. There must be some conspiracy that the stork cam is always broken. What is it showing that we aren't supposed to see?

And, has Opus Dei abducted Sanctus Belle? Her blog hasn't worked in days.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro: Feel free to show that photo. Let the record show that I was not wearing that to Mass but to IHOP!

Adoro said...

swissmiss ~ Clearly, you'r right, there HAS to be a conspiracy!

And I'm having a really fun mental image of Ray climing a pole to reach a stork's nest, his binoculars held up in one hand while he desperately grips the pole for dear life....

And can't get the photos to prove he was there!


Cathy ~

That's what YOU think. (hee hee)

Unknown said...

With all the great blogging going on around here, including much by great new bloggers, I'm going to have to enroll in a speed reading course just to attempt to keep up. Speed typing might help, too. Speed spelling and grammar and proofreading will help, too.

The Storks are fine today and the camera is working. I guess the camera is always working, we just aren't always able to get access to the server.

We have learned that this Stork Cam, the only one with sound, was set up for all school children in Poland (where storks are their "Bald Eagles", the national bird) and so let's hope that the first egg hatches on a weekend when the kids aren't in school and we won't have to fight for server access.

The pressure is off a bit since we have found someone who can read a little Polish and H-Day is not estimated to occur until June 3, which happens to be a Sunday.

Sarah Reinhard said...

Well, we may never know who the masked woman is, unless we email her and go find out where she lives. I know some dogs who would be good to help with that... :) But until then, I'm sure the masked woman will keep pointing out what's going on elsewhere...better watch ourselves, there's a Superhero on the loose! (Of the order of the Incredibles? Methinks so, indeed)

The Ironic Catholic said...

Heh. My home needs a paint job, but not that bad.

My grad school was actually attacked by the Unibomber a couple of yrs before I started there. I got a job in the mailroom, where there was a poster about how to identify suspicious mail. I looked at that every day and thought "This job ain;t worth minimum wage!"

Adoro said...

IC ~ LOL! I had no idea there was actually a unibomber connection!

My house needs paint, too...but that's on a backburner for now, and the needed area is inside where other serious decorating is needed, too.