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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's a Double Header!

Just thought I'd put up a misc. post tonight, sort of to offset the heavier topics, and because I'm not ready to go to sleep. I'll pay for that tomorrow, believe you me.

Today I started out working from home then headed into the office around 10; we were all leaving for a team outing at 11.

Now, this set the stage for a small Divine Intervention. Allow me to explain.

This morning, I got up at 5:20 or so since I wouldn't have my regular commute from home to be there by 8, but I couldn't bring myself to sleep too much later. So it was already weird, and of course, I was all ready to go to work by 7 am. I had planned to start work early, at 7:30, to make up for my commute time in the "middle" of my shortened work day. But "something" told me to take a quick run to my church...I'm a few blocks away, and we have Perpetual Adoration. I was tempted to hit the 8 am Mass, but by then, I needed to be connected to the network and working, so, unable to ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit, I quickly locked the house and drove to the chapel, where I spent some wonderful time with Jesus. I left and had to run a quick errand, then was back home before 8 so I could connect to the network from home. Instead of pulling into the garage, as I'd be leaving shortly, I parked my car in one of our townhome "extra" spaces.

When I tried to leave, I realized I'd forgotten something and planned to run inside. I got in, having some trouble with the deadbolt lock, but I attributed it to today's humidity, and got in. I grabbed what I needed, locked knob lock, and after I pulled the door closed, I stuck my key into the deadbolt, turned it to lock it...and it didn't quite do what I wanted to do. So I twisted it back to the "unlocked" position and back to "lock" and the key was stuck. I couldn't move it. I needed to leave for work RIGHT NOW and my key was stuck in my lock.

Quite the dilemma. On one hand...the key was stuck and was not going to move. I could technically go as long as I took it off the ring with all my other keys. But then I'd have a key for my house, my unnattended house (but for the dogs) stuck there in the lock for anyone to find. Yeah, it was stuck...but what if someone knew how to "fix" it? That's a problem.

I took a deep breath. This must be God's will. What was God trying to tell me? Was he preventing a disaster through some sort of delay? Was this just an incidental? Or was I simply supposed to call a locksmith to help me?

Instead I opted for my next-door neighbor. They have often been helpful and they have hearts of gold. They're a little odd, but easy to overlook oddities when you know who they really are. So I ran the bell, begging God that they'd be home and have WD-40 on hand.

Well, the dad came to the door (just the person I needed) and he didn't have any WD-40. I explained my key was stuck, and as he went to try to worry it from the lock, I realized that as I'd parked outside, and my garage door opener was still in the car. I had a way in, and access to some kind of lubricant. So I ran to my car, hit the button, and found the oil. While my neighbor oiled the key and the lock, I was able to get inside (attached garage) and opened the interior door.

The lock is shot. I have to replace it.

And there's the thing: I just now realized that had I not obeyed that prompt to visit the adoration chapel this morning, my car would still have been in my garage!

You might be thinking that there would then not be a problem...but here's the reality; I go in and out of my front door all the time, and I usually lock both the knob and the deadbolt. Had I not gone to the chapel this morning, and therefore parked my car outside, I would not be aware of the problem, and there's a good chance I would have found myself locked out of my house and in need of a locksmith, which can be time consuming and expensive.

Incidentally, I don't have a cell phone, so in the middle of the day...if no one's home, it can be difficult to find someone to call a locksmith for me. I know some of my neighbors, but not all, and sad to say...I don't want to know all of my neighbors.

Anyway, things worked out and as of this evening, if I go pick up the new locks, my neighbor offered to replace them for me. I am bessed. Oh, and the lock works from the inside, so I am secure.

So! For our team outing, we went to the Twins vs. White Sox game at the Metrodome today. We all caravaned to one of the park and rides, ended up parking in the street, and took the Light Rail to the 'Dome. For most of us, it was the first time on Light Rail.

So, for those of you who are local, I'll offer a tutorial:

* You buy your tickets from a machine in the station on the lower level. It appears there's also one on the upper level at the train itself, apparently in case someone misses the lower level one.
* First select what you need - there is a menu for different options. You can buy one-way or round-trip, which might be good for X. number of hours.
* You must select your choice before you offer your money, which may be in the form of cash, credit, or debit. The machine only allows a certain amount of change, and gives change in coin form (ie dollar coins as applicable).
* Take your ticket and read both front and back. It doubles as a bus ticket. The light rail ticket is not "run" through anything but you do need it available to be checked.

Anyway, we got to the 'Dome, found our seats, and found them inhabited by a bunch of middle-school kids. We spoke with one of their teachers, our Manager showed her our tickets and first questioned whether were in the wrong place? We weren't. They'd bought a section of tickets. Apparently either the adult groups spread throughout either bought theirs first, or the ticket office messed up and scattered random people throughout a group of rowdy middle school kids. (For those outside the U.S. middle school is 6 - 9th grades, ages of apx 11-15)

Either I have more patience than I used to, or those kids weren't that bad. Their teachers did correct behavior that started to get out of hand, while allowing a range of "normal" for them.

The game was good, not a ton of action and I'm not a huge baseball fan anyway, but when in a game in person, it does a lot to inspire interest. The 9th inning was exciting. At the bottom of the 9th, the teams were tied. I began to wonder if it would go into extra innings.

The bases were loaded, 1 out. Tory Hunter was up to bat. The crowd was on its feet, roaring, screaming, whistling, waving, the scent of blood...uh...a the air. The atmosphere was charged.

He walked.

The White Sox walked him.

The man from 3rd ran home, the game was won, the teams rushed onto the field...and while the fans rejoiced, it wasn't the "kill" of a grand slam. It was a lackluster win, but a win nonetheless, and we'll take it.

If I went to these games all the time, I'd likely be a baseball fan. But as I usually only see it on TV, I just don't care. I enjoyed today's game and have been to other Twins' games, but like many other fans, if I'm not really there, it isn't real.

My perspective is different with regard to horseracing and skiing, where the best action is on camera. I like to be at those sports in person (never been at a Word Cup Ski event in person, but would like to), but in reality, it doesn't happen much.


Been a good day. Back to the grind tomorrow, busy day to make up from the last couple.

Thank God we have only two days left this week.

I really need another job.


Cathy said...

Great post - you had a really interesting day!
I watched a bit of that game.

(It's Torii Hunter. I know, I know. I once posted on dumb kid names.)

The ticket/lightrail thing seems really cool - like the Jetsons - the fuuuuuture of travel!

If I were you, I would take full advantage of living near the St. Paul Saints minor league club.
The owners (the Veecks, descendants of Bill Veeck, who planted the ivy at Wrigley Field - a legendary baseball man) are hilarious, and often have crazy promotions. During the Enron scandal, they had a game where you could get in free if your name was "Arthur" or "Anderson".
They also have a "Call in sick to work day" where they hand out those plastic glasses/mustache things at the gate for those people who want to disguise themselves in case the boss is watching.
They ALSO have a 'massage' day, where trained masseuses roam the stands giving out free massages.
Fun, fun.
If I ever make it to St Paul, the Saints are tops on the list!
(Actually, St Agnes is tops. St Paul Saints are second.)

Anita Moore said...

I really need another job.

I do too, and in the extremely near future. How about if we pray for each other on that?

Unknown said...

and a lock, don't forget that!

Unknown said...


I don't believe there is any such thing as a one way or round trip tick on the Twin Cities busses now.

They are good for about 2.5 hours and you can go back and for one the same line or switch between as many lines as you want.

Ma Beck is right about the St Paul Saints as great baseball entertainment. Mike Veeck, Bill's son, owns the Saints along with comedian Bill Murray and others. Veeck lived her for a time but I now think he is in North Carolina or someplace near there on the East Coast.

They do wonderful promotions.

The "free massage" started here when the masseuse was Sister Rosalind Gefre, a Catholic nun, who gives legitimate massages for a living was hired to give free massages to Saints fans.

Adoro said...

Doing this backwards tonight:

Ray: They DO have roud trip. I bought one yesterday and used it. The main ticket says 2.5 hours unless noted otherwise on the opposite side. We'd paid for a round trip ticket or good for 6.5 hours, that's what we got. The ticket could also have been used on a bus as many times as needed during that time period.

If you ride the Light rail, turn the ticket over and read the back. That's the part that actually counts, apparently.

Ma Beck & /Ray ~ Gotta be honest. I don't feel like going out of my way for a Saints game. Not into baseball. It was a big "if" question, ie "if" forced to go to games, I'd be forced into becoming a fan. I won't voluntarily go. I actually like football better...but I am not likely to seek out tickets.

World Cup Skiing, Kentucky Derby, etc....YEAH!

angelmeg ~ Yes...a lock! My kingdom for a lock!

Anita ~ Absolutely. I'll pray for you even if you don't pray for me. You're an attorney. I have a CJ you have any tolerance for a B.A. in CJ, if you start your own firm will you hire me? Sorry I can't offer you the same. Maybe if I become an author I'll need an attorney...a Catholic attorney specifically. :-)

Seriously, yes, absolutely...we MUST pray for each other! What are you looking for, do you know?

Anita Moore said...

As a matter of fact, I spent much of my career doing criminal defense...though my B.A. is in English. :) And I also love writing.

As a matter of fact, I want to work in the Attorney General's office. I have been trying to break in there for almost the last ten years. They get to do a wide variety of cool stuff there. Also, I'd stand a good chance of getting to do a lot of writing. I've always been very attracted to the idea of working cases at the appellate level. Set me up with a computer, a Westlaw account, a stack of cases to write briefs or opinions in, my tunes and a pair of fuzzy slippers, and I'd be as happy as a clam.

It's settled then. We shall pray for each other!

Adoro said...

I volunteered in Hennepin County (MN) in probation a few years ago, loved it, and considered applying with the US attorney. Now I'm considering the AG's office as well, and the Insurance Commissioner, which is through the State.

Of course, all I want is to be a writer. I considered law school, rejected the idea, but now about to hit the Theology program at Ave Maria. Who knows where it will lead?

I also considered the Law/Catholic studies program at University of St. Thomas. Intriging...but of course...I don't want to be an attorney. I do not have a linear thought process. I'm too much like JP2 - people like us like the scenic route, but you would not BELIEVE the info we can pick up that way! (It's what makes me a good investigator). you need an investigator? :-)

Seriously, off the tangent, I will certainly pray for you, and thank you for your prayers. I have GOT to get out of the insurance industry.

Anita Moore said...

Adoro, if I ever do need an investigator, I'll get ahold of you!

Meanwhile, we'll pray for each other to get where we need to be.

Adoro said...

Thanks, Anita. You are in my prayers.

I'm placing your name and intention on the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help that graces my wall.

Anita Moore said...

Thanks, Adoro.