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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Catholic "War of the Worlds!"

I need to make this announcement, and I think it's REALLY important because if someone doesn't say it, people are going to start calling the good Archbishop in Knoxville, TN, and he's not going to have ANY IDEA what they are talking about.


There are people stopping by and commenting as though they either think the blog is made up of anti-Catholics who don't know very much about the Church, or they are people who truly are taking it seriously.

It's "War of the Worlds" in the Catholic world, and while I think it's hysterically funny that people think it's real, such things can had bad repurcussions.

It is a PARODY. It's NOT REAL. There is no "Spirit of Vatican 2" parish ANYWHERE.

Unfortunately, parishes similar to this parody do exists, thus the inspiration by the blog's creators (I'm not one of them) to start this up. Go visit the blog. Be entertained. Comment. But do not think for ONE MOMENT that it is for real.

This PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT has been brought to you in the interest of preserving public sanity.


Alice said...

Aahhhh! Thanks ATD, I had a blonde moment and was feeling a tad ill for a bit - I can be so gullible!
The sad thing is that it's not so far from the truth! I've heard of some very wacky parishes at home in Australia (particularly in Queensland-too much sun, fries the brain!).
How embarrasing!

Jeff Miller said...

I had the same problem with my Thoroughly Modern Mary progressive nun parody blog. The comments and emails I got about Sr. Mary Biko were quite interesting. Some argues with my created nun and some agreed with her.

Adoro said...

Alice ~ LOL! Most people who see it for the first time think it IS real...then they see the absurdity as it unravels even more.

This would seriously make a great movie. :-)

Jeff ~ I am SO not surprised! That had to have been just a riot for you.

Lynne said...

That happens too on conservative websites when articles from The Onion (a parody news website) are posted on them. Sometimes it was funny to see how long it took people to realize it was from The Onion...

Terry Nelson said...

I thought it was real. LOL!

Doesn't that say something however? People tend to believe whatever they see or read in media. Media is very powerful stuff.

No wonder everyone is so screwed up.

paramedicgirl said...

Part of the fun of commenting over there is playing along with the fake reality of the blog. You don't think that's uncharitable, do you?

Adoro said...

I think there is a certain sect of humorless people who really can't see the "fun" in things. That's why parody and satire are so important because it helps us see things from a different viewpoint and not take ourselves so seriously.

Paramedicgirl, I think that it's fine to get into the spirit of the parody as long as YOU know it's all in fun. Those who visit and comment and make it obvious they think it's real are missing the point. Those who visit and get into the parody, whether as people trying to "set them straight", or "agreeing", as it were, are hilarious. I'm loving every moment of this blog. And really, I think the more people get into it, the better.


Unknown said...

You know, I think God made a mistake when he set up the universe.

It sure would have made things simpler if one of the Eight Gifts of the Holy Spirit had been a Sense of Humor.

I've had to apologize in person a fair number of times because people didn't "get" what I and others thought was a hysterically funny bit.

And I think the apology didn't serve to do anything but make them angrier with me because I had made them look foolish.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro: It's a credit to SOVII blog that they do such a good job of sounding like every dissident parish out there that a lot of folks think it's "legit".

Anonymous said...

But the latest news from the parish is terrible - hordes of Sisters of Charity with Miraculous Medals are besieging the church! Che Lovell seems to be mortally wounded! We must make an emergency novena to SS Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi!

Adoro said...

sue ~ LOL! I just read that, too, must go over and add my own two cents.