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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Interactive Parody!

If you haven't already, stop on in and greet the newest blog on the block, Spirit of Vatican II parish.

It's a laugh a second, and you MUST read the comments sections for each post. Add your own comments.

And yes, people, it is a parody.

Just last night they put up a blog rating guide:

PH - Phariseeism
C - Clericalism
T - Traditionalism
F - Funny Languages
O - Offensive (anti-womyn, anti-GLBTNA, etc)
R - Republican
PI - Progressive Level 1 (they get it)
PII - Progressive Level 2 (bookmark it)
PIII - Progressive Level 3 (it'll be in my homily)

I'm already rated as a PH,O, and I complained that they didn't rate me an F. Fr. Tim graciously apologized for the omission (he thouht my name was Italian), but then pointed out that the ratings I have are BAD and I should aspire to be PIII.

Go check this blog out! And just for the background info to date, be sure to go back to the beginning and read the posts and comments so you get a better idea as to what's going on. It's a new blog so there's not a lot to read but you'll enjoy it more if you can watch it grow from their beginnings.

Personally, I'm DYING to know who the creators are of this blog.


Anonymous said...

Um, Atora De Tivoli, I am not sure why you have to judge our faith community and laugh at us.
Tim should add another category - M for mean.
And you would sure win that one, Arbor Te Debit.

Adoro said...

Britnee ~

And also with you.


Warren said...

I for one welcome our new Catholic overlords. I have even made a contribution over at their blog, towards liturgical reform of the sacrament of Penance. My contribution is pasted here:

I think that the words of absolution (in the sacrament of Penance) need to be toned down. I suggest the following:

May the merciful being of superabundant equanamity, extend his doubtless already plenary benevolence, upon you, in recognition of the divinity you already possess, may you come to forgive yourself, grant yourself absolution, and find new ways to explore all aspects of your personality, including your unique sexuality, within a framework of personal freedom that works for you. Amen.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Ultra: I saw it and that was the ultimate in SOVII-speak.

Adoro: Thanks for the heads up. I can't IMAGINE why you would believe I would think that blog was funny! ;-) I commented on their post about Confession.

Beth Lemer said...

off the topic, but i finally did your memememme thingy bopper.

Anonymous said...

ok.... is the link to Saint Andrew the Apostle church on the SOVII a parody?? It's so hard to tell what is reality these days!!...sue P.S. britnee rocks!

Adoro said...

As far as I know, all the links on the sidebar are real links to real organizations.

The blog itself and the people are a parody, so don't start calling the Archbishop in that fictional diocese in Tennessee! LOL!

Have you ever seen Total Recall?

You're in it! :-)

Xavier Martel said...

Yes - DO NOT call the Bishop of Knoxville, who is a good and faithful steward. Actually, Knoxville is an excellent diocese and the SOV2 nonsense is an extreme extrapolation of a small sampling of the population.

All will be revealed! I'm glad y'all are enjoying the blog and contributing so thoroughly to its developing story.

Adoro said...

Xavier....ok, obvioulsy you're "in" on this, one way or another (if only a resident of the Knoxville diocese enjoying this as much as we are).

So thanks for reinforcing that his Excellency should NOT be called!

LOL! It's "War of the Worlds" in Catholicism! ROFL!

Xavier Martel said...


War of the Worlds it may be! I hadn't thought of it that way. I need to go to the general vicinity of the (mostly fictional) address of the parish and see if there are any SSPX folks hanging around with slingshots waiting to take out Fr. Tim.

But I'm not Orson Welles - at least, not this close to the end of Lent.

Incidentally, we are still looking for people to play the characters of Maryann Mcgronk, Kate Po, Eugene Kramer, Todd Turk, etc. "Britnee" has created a character for herself (now she's officially the head of SOV2 singles, or something like that).