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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Full Moon

It's been an interesting weekend. We weren't able to take our Mom out on Mother's Day due to my brother's schedule, so our plan was to get together this weekend. So Mom, my brother, and his girlfriend all came up yesterday afternoon, planning to spend the night.

I think it's really important that you all have a little background on my Mom; she is a very devout Catholic, and by devout, I mean she is a rosary-praying, taught-by-nuns-in-habit, don't-use-bad-language-EVER, lives a holy life, MOTHER. To this day, my brother and I watch our P's and Q's around Mom. If the slightest bad word slips out, we both cringe. She actually takes things in stride, but we know how to be respectful around her and as she's getting older, this sense is even more heightened as we feel she is in need of being sheltered from the world around her. I don't know how, but my Mom has managed to maintain a level of naivate' that is lacking in most people, even of her age, and we try to protect her from big shocks.

So, anyway, keep that image of her in your mind.

For them, the fun started even before they left my brother's house. The SUV was mostly packed for their overnight trip to my house, Mom seated in the back seat behind tinted glass windows. My brother's girlfriend was in the front seat, window down, and my brother had run into the house for one last item. While he was gone, their neighbor and friend, let's call him "Tony", made a joking but very suggestive comment to my brother's girlfriend. It wasn't that bad, but not something that would be appropriate in Mom's presence. It was a cringing moment.

Then as they were pulling away down the road, they saw "Tony" and his friend turn their backs in unison and drop trou to expose their backsides, not likely aware that there was a passenger in the back seat - Mom - who saw it all!

I still can't believe my Mom got MOONED!

My brother, fighting to maintain his composure, afraid to see Mom's reaction, just shook his head and commented, "That's just great, guys." He considered rolling down the rear window so they could see Mom sitting back there but decided against it.

As it turned out, Mom wasn't so shocked, and took it all in stride. In fact, she was cracking jokes about it all night! (I apologize for the pun, but the word fits).

They told me the story right after dinner, as we were heading home. None of us could stop laughing, and it was even funnier when mom wise-cracked, "One of those moons was fuller than the other."

There were a few other comments made by Mom in the peanut gallery, keeping us in gales of laughter. I have no idea if any of you think it's funny as you read this and I fear my description will never do the story justice. I completely look forward to meeting this "Tony" guy, however, because my greeting to him will be along the lines of, "DUDE! YOU'RE the guy who mooned my MOM!"


Anonymous said...

LOL! That's almost as bad as my parents and I coming home one winter night after visiting friends and having some guys running naked across the street in front of our car. Seems someone had a sauna in their house and they were going from there to another house. I guess they didn't think anybody would be coming around the corner.

My mum took that one in stride too.

Anonymous said...

and this all happens in MN?
the home of lake woebegone?
the reformed of the reformed?
holy haystack!
maybe someone could do an snow-ice sculpture of the moment for winter-fest.
and maybe this tony dude should be shot [sometimes called 'shooting the moon']
and maybe you shoould get mom to write her remebrance of the occasion for the blog archives.

Cathy said...

Do we have the same mother??
Seriously: Here's a couple from the Iris Files.
1) My mom was telling a joke, circa 1994 when all those floods were happening in the Midwest. It went like this:
"Why are they having so many floods in the Midwest?"
"Because Bill Clinton has all the dikes (dykes) working in Washington!" And then she would collapse into laughter. One day, I said, "Mom, do you know what a dyke is?" She answered in the negative. I explained it to her, and then asked her why she thought it was so funny if she hadn't even gotten the joke. "Well, it's a Bill Clinton joke, so it's funny" was her reply.
2) We were at a baseball game once, and the pitcher got taken out in about the third inning. "Boy," Mom said, "he really shot his wad."
My sister and I were horrified and screeched, "MOOOM!" She innocently said, "What?" We explained to her as gently as we could that that sort of meant something nasty. "Well, in my day, it just meant a man was tired" she answered, exasperated.
3) Once on a Halloween night, my sister and I were going from my parents' house to my sister's house. As we were walking out the door, my mom said, "Be careful, there's a lot of ______ out there."
What do you think she said? Drunks? Crazy people? Nope. My mom was warning us about the COPS out there.
We still laugh and say, "Careful. Lotta cops out there."

Adoro said...

Uncle jim ~ Mom doesn't know I have a blog, and if she did...well, she wouldn't know what that meant and might suggest what kind of medication I should be taking for it and asking whether surgery were needed. :-)

And yes indeedy, these things happen up here.

Ma Beck ~ That's HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laugh! LOL! Thankfully my Mom doesn't make those kind of comments...if she did we'd be shocked, too!

Unknown said...


I'll have to send you a Laughing Jerry since I can't post one here.

My Mom sounds about the same as the yours and the others described here. I might have sworn once in front of her. And I don't know if I have ever heard any of my siblings swear in front of her either.

Of course she didn't swear, but, your Moms must have had expressions like my Mom did when a "swear word" was needed:

"Judas Priest!" Not the metal group! I think that one is documented.

"Saatina, Seetina!" Not sure how that is spelled or what it means.

and the immortal,

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph! What are you doing now? Not a curse, but more an appeal to the Heavenly beings for help in raising children.

Adoro said...


Actually, Mom did say bad words on occasion, although there was a limit to them (words like s***), and that was the extent of it. But we knew NEVER to say such words, she made that very clear. And her use of those words was reserved for dire matters.

When she was really sick (bipolar), she used them more often and once littered a tirade with the s-word, but even then that was the limit, and by then my brother and I were old enough so that we heard the stuff all the time anyway, so we weren't scandalized. Now that she's on medication, she's back to an even keel, and her own saitly mannerof not saying bad words.