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Monday, May 21, 2007

Blogs of Our Lives ~ Episode 2 - One Blog to Live

The mystery deepens....

Ironic Catholic is still missing. It's Monday and she's nowhere to be seen. Clearly, the message left on her blog was designed to delay our response. Where are the Catholic Cyber Cops? Does anyone care that a professor of theology has gone missing?

Or is that, too all part of the Plan?!

Does Ironic Catholic's wherebouts have anything to do with what's happening in Angela Messenger's parish? Is Ironic actually a DOUBLE AGENT?

Sarah the Snoring Scholar seems to be back....hmmmmm.....

Take note of her name. Right there at the top in the URL, "" She's a SCHOLAR! And Ironic is a missing Theology Professor!

And Sarah isn't missing anymore. She has a list, sort of a pre-emptive alibi as to what she did this weekend, but it seems something more sinister is afoot.

Or, could Sarah be innocent of any wrongdoing? We must wait and watch.....

{{ Crecendo of music with dischordant trumpets, ala circa 1974 }}}

We go now to see what Fr. Richtsteig the Pyromaniac Priest is up to, but he seems to be MIA as well. His last post was an expose' on bad ideas being used to obtain Vocations, and he hasn't been seen in St. Blog's since that post went up on Friday. Has anyone checked the fire pit?

Meanwhile, back in the MN 'hood....

Desperate Irish Housewife is more desperate than ever, what with the new puppy, and Michael Moore's complete offense against her dignity (more so against his own), a contemplation of the bad health care our Canadian brothers and sisters are subject to, and still recovering her readership from the hostile porn site takeover of her blog a few months ago, DIH is at her wit's end.

Ray is back on the job, having taken a weekend to watch storks in Poland, and now wants to draw attention not only to the wonders of the birds, but also to the fact that an ultra-liberal Oregon college campus is being taken over by Catholics with an attitude.

Terry Nelson is having a REALLY rough day, apparently having made his first mistake in the selection of his wardrobe. He should know better than to dress like that in Minneapolis, MN, the place that rivals L.A. and Atlanta for a certain population (of the "Rainbow Sash" mindset). They must have taken him for a Vatican Spy and let him experience the fullness of their Tolerance.

We pan over now to Salve Regina, who also went missing for a few days. Salve Regina is a warm and fuzzy Trad who identifies herself as a "rural paramedic".

Could she, as a fellow Canadian, have had something to do with Angela Messenger's disappearance?

And what should we make of Salve's current post with regard to whether we have ever seen our Guardian Angels?

Is this a secret signal? She says she was "fishing" this weekend, but she didn't have any evidence to provide that she had, in fact, been fishing. Canada is a HUGE fishing/hunting venue, and I find it hard to believe that a native Canadian would claim to go fishing and not return with a glorious photo of the grandaddy Walleye Pike caught on the trip.

Is Salve a double agent, too, like Ironic, or is Salve the one really responsible for the disappearance of her Canadian sister who happens to be involved in the Adoration dispute?

We switch extremes, and visit the Spirit of Vatican II parish somewhere so deep in Tennessee even their own bishop won't acknowledge them on the Archdiocesan web page.

Adoro stopped by during her regular rounds the other day and inquired (oh-so-innocently) of Fr. Tim whether he gets the inspiration for his homilies from the "green tea leaves" found by Fr. Juno in Keith's red backpack. Fr. Tim gave a gracious (if clueless) response to the question, and it seems that now Che' the Social Justice Minister of SOVII is going to petetion Fr. Time to use the "green tea leaves" Keith grows in his basement under flourescent lights and sell it after every Mass as a fundraiser! Keith even graciously offered to acquire a much larger stash...uh...quantity...that he could obtain from a friend who grows it in the hills. You see, Che' had forgotten to deposit the collection one Sunday and saw all the interest in the green tea leaves as a way to make up for his error. Then they're going to rent a bus and go down to Oak Ridge with all the green tea leaves and protest the weapons plant there.

Back in Rome, Father Zuhlsdorf, or "Fr. Z.", as he's affectionately known, is still lamenting the delay in the release of the Motu Propio. (It was actually the humble Crescat who drew attention to the caption and Fr. Z. gave her full credit for her humor.)

Cathy, the Recovering Dissident, who was recently quoted by Fr. Z., is lamenting herself the Gang Colors being shown at Mass, especially on Pentecost (this upcoming Sunday). If you DARE to wear a rainbow to Mass this weekend, prepare to meet the wrath of Crabby Cathy!

We return to the Saga at SOV2 and learn that Keith has been taken to a special retreat in Canada, but he's asked Che' to bring him a gift of tea leaves so he can make good on his promise to provide brownies.

Back at St. Cantius' parish wing of St. Blog's, Ma Beck rails against the idiocy of the lazy who put a class before though it isn't God who is letting them go to Rome in the first place!

Down Under, in the land of the Kangaroo and the Sydney Opera House, Kiwi Nomad is still wandering around, taking great photos of places most of us will never see (not necessarily in Australia), making random appearances in comboxes around. St. Blog's parish. What corner of the wilderness is she off to next?

Come back next time to see what happens in the lives of the Catholic bloggers..

((( Ending credits/ music ...

Ave, Maria....... )))))


Anonymous said...

if only i could write a blog someday ...

The Ironic Catholic said...

"Does anyone care that a professor of theology has gone missing?"

Adoro--Ah, no. Some would count it a blessing in disguise.... :)

Adoro said...


But school is OVER for the semester!



Did someone give you a flaming drink?

Kiwi Nomad said...

Kiwi Nomad will be wandering in the outback of Australia early in July, from Alice Springs up to Darwin. And she is sure to have some photos to share!

Unknown said...


Let's see, still employed, grad school in the fall, still on the RBP (Really Big Parish) Liturgy Committee, still with the dogs and now you plan to keep us all in hysterics with the "Blogs of Our Lives" daily episodes?

A tip of my chapeau to you, lady!

The Crescat said...

Fr. Erik is drunk on Glenlivet after reading about my ordeal at St. Gabe's as of today.

The Crescat said...

remind me again why you use tea leaves for brownies... oooooo. I see now.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

I should be drunk on Glenlivet with the day I'm having at work.Where's that SOVII stash?

Oh, and it's Cranky Cathy, not Crabby Cathy if you please. Thank you. Obviously, it's not a big difference but don't tick me off-just do what I say..wah, wah, wah.

Anonymous said...

are you all making sense to and of one another?
i'm into the glenlivet occasionally, too ... esp to celebrate the good days - not to drown the bad