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Saturday, March 10, 2007

You have GOT to check out this blog!

I found a new blog today, thanks to Salve Regina.

Father V. at ADAM'S ALE, is blogging up a storm of stuff I think most of us can relate to.

What are you doing here? Go read right now!

Um....come back, though, OK?


Anonymous said...

Adoro...he writes a lot like you!

Adoro said...

LOL, I didn't realize that!

Beth Lemer said...

hahah, I got this totally confused with Fr. Venturas A Priestly Commentary! This is getting confusing! then again, I am a blonde....

On a side note, being as I somehow cant send an email to you because my net stinks, I wanted to let you konw if you ever wanted to delete any of my comments you may, I will never get insulted! ;o) God love you.

Adoro said...

bethski ~ Why would I want to delete any of your comments? You've never posted anything profane or something warranting deletion.

However, if there is something you have in mind you'd like me to remove by request, just let me know whever your email works again and I'll be happy to do as you ask.

God bless! :-)