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Friday, March 02, 2007

The Day After

Well, I'm up bright and early as is my custom on a work day.

There's a LOT of snow out there! In my yard, it's quite literally up to my waist in spots. Sidewalks are non-existant, which of course makes walking the dogs a challenge. But it's not so much the lack of sidewalks that makes it a challenge as the fact that my dogs have nowhere to "go".

I walked my Shepherd down the street (plowed), and ended up having to find an unplowed driveway because she refused to jump into the snowbank. Small wonder.

On a positive note, though, my prayers have been answered.

In January I asked to have a Mass offered for my Dad, and that Mass is this morning at 8 am, so of course I made arrangements to be there. But for this storm. Last night, I prayed that I'd be able to get to Mass, but mentally I figured I'd be hoofing it, likely to be a dangerous endeavor given the lack of sidewalks.

But this morning, I realized joyfully that not only has the main road and our cul-de-sac been cleared, but our driveways have likewise been plowed out! And since I've gotten a quick preview of my neighborhood thanks to the needs of the dogs, I also realized that ours is the ONLY clear driveways in the area. Several of my neighbors down the street are hung up on ice and snow at the entrance to their driveways.

I will be going to Mass this morning tucked safely into my car, not walking hazardously on the side of a partially-plowed busy street.

God is so good.

I also checked on the breadcrust; it's snow-covered, but still there.


paramedicgirl said...

Finally, someone has more snow than us! Spring is in the air here. I love it!!

Cathy_of_Alex said...


I hope the Mass was everything you wanted and more.

I'm going to Adoration, Benediction and the Sacred Heart Mass at 5:15 at St. Agnes. I will, as I said, remember your Dad again.

I think the timing is good, worship, an hour or so before I have to leave to go to IT