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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Breadcrust Again

A few weeks ago, I lost my rosary ring. It's a small ring with a crucifix and 10 little rounded nubs which I wore all the time. Part of it was the visible crucifix at all times, part was the discomfort caused by the little nubs against my other fingers - they reminded me to pray, and they reminded me who I represent.

I lost the ring one Sunday morning. I remembered having it before I left my house for Mass, but it was at Mass that I realized it wasn't on my finger. I thought maybe I'd dropped it when taking it out of my pocket as I got out of my car.

I realized in that moment that it was gone and I would ever find it. I did send up a prayer to St. Anthony, sort of half-hearted, but it was there. But the ring hasn't left my mind.

Part of my attachment to the ring is actually sentimental because the blessing upon the ring itself was an answer to a spiritual need.

I had purchased the ring during the week, and on Friday that week, I ran to the Adoration chapel to spend a little time with Jesus. I was feeling very unloved, very disconsolate, very frustrated with life in general. I really needed to know and understand God's love, so I went straight to the source and offered all of this up.

As I left the chapel, a priest, a local hospital chaplain, was coming out of the sacristy. He's from Africa, and has the BEST smile I've ever seen, which of course, really stands out! I didn't really know him, but his smile reassured me of his approachability, so I asked him to bless my ring.

I carefully held it in my hand and he exclaimed, "I can do more than THAT!"

So Father blessed my ring, and then placed his palm against my forehead and blessed ME!

I thanked him with tears in my eyes; God had answered my prayer, He had displayed His love for me, the reassurance of his presence and fidelity to us in even our smallest crises.

After that day, every time I looked at that ring, I saw not only the love of Christ who died for us on the cross, but the personal love for each and every one of us.

Then, this morning, as I was bringing the dogs in from our walk, I took a look at the bush containing my own personal breadcrust. It's still there, still lodged within the branches. I wondered if it would turn green or just disintegrate eventually?

From there, my eyes happend to drop downward to a stone at the base of the bush. And next to the stone, directly beneath the breadcrut, was a glitter of silver. I looked more closely...and it was my ring!

How on EARTH did it get THERE!?

I have no idea. I wasn't wearing the ring at the time I last passed through that door on the day I lost it. I don't wear the ring on dog walks, but only don it upon leaving for work or other things because of the design which has a propensity to get caught on things. I know for certain that on the day I'd lost it, it was not on my finger, and further, I'd been wearing gloves which I did not need to remove in order to open the door.

So how did the ring get there? Right there, with the mysterious breadcrust marking the very spot?

Thank you, St. Anthony. Yet another miracle to testify to God's love an fidelity.

Thank you, Jesus.


Adoro said...

Melody wrote:

My husband had one of those rosary rings like you are describing, given to him by a friend. He also lost it, and found it again, in a place we had looked before, after prayers to St. Anthony (we love St. Anthony, named one of our sons after him!) However, he lost the ring again, and this time he didn't find it. I told him that someone else must have needed to find it.

Adoro said...

Melody ~

I reposted your comment under this post as clearly this is where it belongs.

I think you might have made the comment while I was editing this post, so when you commented, it went under the Mother Teresa one, which of course made no sense in that context! LOL!

Sorry about the timing of that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Adoro! Yes, this is where it belongs.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

LKOTBC: What kind of bread is that? I may need to go buy a dozen loaves. :-)

Adoro said...

cathy ~ I'm pretty sure the bread didn't do just became a marker. Maybe my angel put the ring under the bread so that I would see it. Maybe an angel put the bread there???

We'll never know, but as I said before: God Provides. :-)

teresa_anawim said...

I am reminded by this story that little seemingly insignificant things in my life ...have a purpose, and not the purpose and meaning I have in mind!
Thanks for posting this, adoro.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you lost the ring, so God could give you a bit of love. The priest from Africa--his loving smile and sincere blessing--ahhh--I can feel the love! What a delightful gift from God.