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Friday, March 09, 2007

Local Tragedy, Please remember this family

There was a heartbreaking story on the news yesterday; a local family is facing a tragedy so unimaginable that it's hard to write about it.

During the night, a family's mobile home went up in flames as they slept. Neighbors gave accounts of what they witnessed, and mostly could only stand helplessly and watch the events unfold before their eyes.

One woman saw the father (he's only 25) come out of the burning trailer with his 6 year old son, badly burned, in his arms, and handed him to his brother. He returned into the trailer to save his wife and his other son. The woman described how she could hear him screaming in the flames...and he never came out. All three were claimed by the devastating fire. The father died trying to save his family.

Please, please keep this family in your prayers, both the living and the deceased.


Anonymous said...

Prayers going up.

Unknown said...

They're on the list!