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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Theology of the Breadcrust

In the beginning was God, and God made the wheat and declared it good. God gave the wheat to Man who threshed it to create sustenance for temporal requirements, and he declared it good. So thus in the beginning was the bread, which came from God who created all things, and the bread was reduced to crust and dwelt among us in the bush outside the door.

I am not God and I am not the bread, but I am a witness to the bread.

The breadcrust remains lodged in the branches of the bush, the mysterious appearance of which has not been solved. It has not been moved, and it is not appetizing to man, bird, nor squirrel. The meaning of the breadcrust is unknown.

We do not know from whence it came or where it is going; we do not understand the meaning of the bread but we know that God created the wheat that forms the bread and that the bread was baked by man. Thus we contemplate the mystery of God through creation of the crust.


Sanctus Belle said... really need to post a picture of this mysterious breadcrust!

Unknown said...


I'm not sure where parodies of St John rank on Father Altier's "Venial to Mortal" sin scale, but if I were you, Adoro, I'd read my recent post about "Hieing Thyself to the Confessional, or maybe, a Nunnery"." Pronto!


Unknown said...

Or was that Moses?

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Proofreading error(should be capitalized to signal a bow or genuflection): AND THE BREAD WAS REDUCED TO CRUST AND DWELT AMONG US


Terry Nelson said...

A crow dropped the crust and it landed in the bush, and the branches of the bush were too delicate to support the crow, so he left it there.

The squirrel wanted it but the branches wouldn't support him either.

The sparrows wanted it, but it was too big for them to lift.

So it sits there to inspire your imagination untill the leaves reappear and hide it from your sight. Then the ants will eat it and everyone will live happily ever after...knowing God will always provide for his creatures.

The End :)

Anonymous said...

terry--I love your story!

Adoro said...

LOL! You all make me laugh!

Sanctus ~ I have a photo but I don't know how to upload it yet. I will when I can. :-)

Ray ~ I'm pretty sure if I went in and confessed loosely basing a parody of a bread crust in a bush on St. John's Gospel opening, the priest might just laugh at me and ask to see what I wrote! LOL! Don't be scrupulous! St. John had a sense of humor, too. He had to!

Cathy ~ Well, I don't think we need to genuflect to the bread crust. It IS only created matter, after all...I would not want to suggest that it is a consecrated bread crust. It's not like someone from SJA visited me and left it. (Oh...did I write that OUT LOUD?????? )

Terry ~ I like your story, too, but you left out the nasty spiders who will try to hide it within their funnel webs, thus causing me to need to get out the repellant I used last summer. There is an element of evil in the bush outside my door.