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Monday, March 12, 2007

Ahhhh....sweet, sweet vacation

I woke up this morning secure in the knowledge that I did not need to go to I went back to sleep. I could have gotten up to go to Mass, and I am suffering admitted guilt over not doing so, especially considering that, when I went back to sleep, I had a terrible dream.

For some reason, I was driving a 1999 Honda Civic, and myself and some co-workers and friends were meeting at a barbecue restaurant for some ribs. When it was time to go, I was delayed by some activity I had to do, after which a friend and I walked to our cars.

My car was parked in the corner of the very well-lighted but nearly-empty lot, and as it came into view, I saw that a band of car thieves had also just arrived and were quickly dismantling my car. There went the hood! They had the doors opened and were going to work on the interior.

I began yelling and running towards them, demanding that they get away from my car. They wouldn't leave, just calmly kept working. Somehow, I entered into some sort of dialogue with the thieves. I asked them why they were doing this and they explained that they were working on the orders of a popular shop called "Lo-Max" (doesn't exist in reality, people, don't look them up in the phone book). Apparently this shop was dealing in stolen goods, an idea that did not surprise me, but I was surprised by the fact that the ringleader was so candid about this.

The short of it was that they were going to take my car and all its parts and I was simply not going to terrify them with threats of 911. I realized that during this dialogue, the thieves had both myself and my friend surrounded...and there were no witnesses. It was a bad situation. Somehow we managed to get out of this "ring" around us and escaped to the other end of the lot. I didn't have a cell phone and when I saw people, I asked for help. Finally a "large" half-naked man told me he had a cell in his back pocket and I was welcome to use it to call the police.

Then I couldn't get through to 911 and I tried repeatedly. Finally I gave the phone back, somehow got home, but STILL, every time I called 911 I got either a busy signal or an automated voice that told me that they were busy and I would have to call back. I was thankful I wasn't dying.

Then I woke up. So that's the start of my vacation.

I'm going to enjoy my week, firstly by realizing that I don't have a 99 Honda Civic, so it's not likely to be stolen. I also don't have any plans to go to a barbecue restaurant.

Today they are predicting 55 degree temps so I'm going to grill the first steak of the season while enjoying an adult beverage of some sort. I'm going to do my reading for class, walk my dogs, and make appointments to have my taxes done and my hair cut. I really need a haircut, and maybe I'll get a manicure, too. Not something I typically indulge in, but there is something about these little beauty rituals that gives we women a boost. And my regular readers know how desperately I need a boost.

I'm going to go to Confession this week, too.

And I'm going to do LOTS of reading for my class; the first two books are Dives in miseriacordia and Dominum et vivificantem. And possibly the Vatican II document Gaudium et spes for one of my papers. Salvici Dolores is also on tap if I do the paper on mercy...basically I haven't chosen my topic yet, but because of my free time this week, I'll be able to study and plan, which is why I'm taking this vacation. And of course, to get away from the stress at work because I hate my job with such a passion.

And I'll be seeking other employment this week, too. Please pray for me...I need a miracle in very short order!

In any case, I'm already loving my time off and I'm thanking God from the very center of my soul for this blessing!


Anonymous said...

Adoro - praying for you at Adoration this morning!!!!!!!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro: Prayers here as well.

I'm really glad you took some time off. What fabulous timing you have-weatherwise. I'm so jealous that you get to grill, I can hardly stand it.

Your insurer mind must have recollected that the Civic is one of the most stolen cars which is why it ended up in your dream. Look at the bright side, there wasn't a big spider on top of the car.

Adoro said...

Thanks for the prayers!

Cathy ~ LOL! Clearly that's EXACTLY why I had that dream; one of the signs of stress is that I dream about work, and when it gets personal enough to be "my" car that is stolen, well, it's time to go. I'm EXTREMELY thankful that there wasn't a spider on my car.

And my real car is just fine, that's a good thing, too.

Sanctus Belle said...

May God bless your job search.

Anonymous said...

I'll be praying that you can relax a little this week and I'll continue to pray for God's will for you in the job department!

Warren said...

I'm up tonight, I can't sleep, and you'll be in my prayers. I've found, by the way, when I'm so upset about my life that I can't sleep, the solution is to pray about OTHER people's lives, their ordeals and troubles especially, and God seems to grant some special grace when I stop feeling sorry for myself so much. Interesting how that works, isn't it?