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Saturday, March 03, 2007

And THAT, my brothers and sisters, is how a Catholic Protests!

It is a glorious day. It's Saturday, the air is clean, the sky is blue, the streets are plowed, the sidewalks shoveled,and the sun is reflecting off of the fresh impossibly-white snow that graces...well...everything.

And I learned that our local Saint John Vianney Seminary sent a host of future priests to protest in an entirely Catholic manner, the offensive play by the name of "Pope and the Witch".

H/T to Ray at Stella Borealis for the writeup! Here's an excerpt:

But Friday evening, a really strange sight was seen in front of the Rarig Center, home of the University’s Theater Department. The cloudy sky obscured any possible view of airborne transportation, but 60 Men in Black were seen in formation, led by four men wearing three-quarter length white over-garments (not down-filled by the way, in the 20 degree temperature), with some lacy garnishes and embroidered edges and a large white tab at the neck on their black collarless undergarments. (And these leaders were not wearing gloves when they held out their identifying signs.) Definitely not what the cool UofMN students is normally seen wearing

While these Men in Black were murmuring and chanting their stanzas, occasional groups of people paused and marveled for a few minutes on their way to a viewing of the opening performance of a theatrical presentation entitled “The Pope and the Witch” at Rarig Center. A goodly number of photographers, enraptured by the performance, or in the pay of the University Police Department, were on hand to document the event.

Go read the rest Here.

Ray continues his post with a shout out for reinforcements; SJV will be back tonight (Saturday) and are requesting the presence of Sopranos:

Sopranos Wanted!

Wanted - 20 Sopranos and other musically talented individuals to join with 120 men (this time) of the St John Vianney Seminary of the University of St Thomas as they reassemble and reprise their Friday performance in front of the Rarig Center to protest in prayer and hymn the second performance of The Pope and the Witch, the blasphemous play mocking the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and its members.

The SJV Seminary is an equal opportunity vocal group [Aren’t most Catholics aware that their pastors can’t sing?], so tone deaf and unpracticed vocalists will be accepted and greatly appreciated for this Saturday evening performance, beginning at 7:15 p.m. It will last about an hour. Ample parking is available with your two or three dollar bill across the street in the 21st Avenue parking ramp.

The Recovering Dissident has some additional information on the protest and the play, and tonight, we, along with Ray, will be joining the group. If you are local, I encourage you do do the same. Apparently especially if you're a soprano!


Leticia said...

Well done! Wish I could have joined you!I did send in my email, though.

Adoro said...

Thanks, leticia, unfortunately I was not there last night.

I will be there tonight.

Last night, Ray joined the seminarians, and Cathy of Alex saw the play to better respond to it.

I was home studying.

Tonight we 3 go to join the Catholic protest.

Anonymous said...

I am so bloody PROUD of you, Cathy and Ray!!!!!!

Adoro said...

They are awesome! :-) I could NOT have sat through that "performance".

I went tonight, posted on post....