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Sunday, March 11, 2007

First Judgment

Today I go to face my first judgment; we have our second 6+ hour class on the Writings of John Paul II. I don't want to go. But of course, I want to go because I want to learn, and I NEED to go because I can't run away from the unpleasant business of being graded for my work.

And of course, this may factor into my discernment as to whether to continue on, submit my application to Ave Maria for the MA in Pastora Theology, and apply this credit towards my academic future. Or....let it go?

Today I may know. Lord, have mercy.

But the good news is that the breadcrust is still there guarding my door, so while I'm facing my judgment and the next challenge, it will be keeping watch in the bright, sunny longing-to-be-spring weather.

UPDATE! 7:24 pm

I just got home from class a little while ago; good news and bad news. The bad news is that I did not receive my judgment today and may have to wait until Friday. The good news is that everyone else struggled as much as I did and we all feel inadequate.

More good news; I'm completely blown away by what I'm learning and so much is coming together for me, both intellectually and spiritually. As we went through the class, I'm not so much forming my mind as my heart and soul (well, GOD is doing the formation, to be accurage), and WOW, the amazement and joy of coming to a greater understanding of God and man!

What's also extremely cool is that Thomas Aquinas is frequently cited and quoted, and of couse, he's my patron. Remind me to read Summa as soon as I get done with this class.

And still more good news; for our paper, the bibliography is not needed unless we are using outside sources (other than the assigned texts), and minimal citations are needed. The work will still be challenging, of course, but I love and welcome the challenge, especially given the great spiritual benefits.

EVERYONE should be reading this stuff and taking this class! I hope in the coming weeks to provide my own fledgling catechesis to all of you with regard to what I am learning. I can't explain this theology as clearly or coherently as our professor, but if I can even impart a fraction of this information, then it will be well worth it!


Cathy_of_Alex said...

LKOTBC: I pray it went well. I just noticed that the crust has its own subject label now. Nice.

Warren said...

You're going to do great. You're brilliant after all. Wouldn't want you to go getting a fat head or anything, but serioiusly, you're more than up to the task.

Why worry so much? :-)


Adoro said...

Warren, I was updating the post just as you the update.

No real news, but thanks for saying I'm 'brilliant". I'm not going to get a fat head over it; no worries. This stuff is difficult and only a fool would be self-congratulatory without even a grade to provide any credibility.

I'm not saying I'm NOT a fool, and I'm not saying I AM a fool, just that I don't want to BE a fool! LOL

I love what I'm learning. I'm in love with the Truth.