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Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm a Manly Woman and Proud of it!

I have just been informed that I have been named the Manly Woman of the Week for my post on Inclusive Language.

See? This guy totally GETS IT! He understands that we women can do the jobs, too, and we need to work at it, and we need our men....but contrary to the title of his post, we don't need to be MEN in order to be real WOMEN! And in fact, he totally understands that we LIKE being women and we really need to be treated like the ladies that we are, consistent with our dignity as women.

The world needs more guys like this. Go give his site a glance. The world needs more real men and women who can help men be real men.


Sanctus Belle said...

Amen Adoro! I love being a woman I am so honored to be married to a real man. He is the leader and decision maker of the family. He talks everything over with me, he hears my input, but in the end he makes the decisions and I submit in everything. We have a peaceful and very happy existence in large part because of this. As a result we are never at odds. Inclusive language is a scourge upon mankind and is just another bad stinky fruit of feminism. Keep up the good work!

Warren said...

You know something? Probably a man could do some things that women do really well,. but he'd probably have to work "three times as hard" to do it. So, I gotta ask, from practical as well as mystical motivation: Wouldn't men be better off being Men, and women better off being Women? As a guy, I respect women for who they are, they don't have to fight on the front lines of Iraq to gain "equality" with Men. Those that do, I have no problem if they can do it, but you know, at some point, it does get silly. Feminism turning women into copies of men, ignoring the unique giftedness that comes with being a woman.

Anyways, congrats Adoro, you are way cool. :-)


Adoro said...

Sanctus ~ That's wonderful! I hope that (if I ever get married), my marriage is so peaceful.

Ultracrepidarian ~ Well, what can I say? I'm one of the guys! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sanctus hit the nail right on the head. People get hung up on St. Paul's admonition to "submit to their husbands", without reading the next few lines:

"Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her"

Men, if you want to see what's expected of you, watch "The Passion of the Christ". We are expected to die for our wives if necessary.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro, the Amazing Amazon Womb-man!

Anonymous said...

Teresa of Avila wanted her nuns to have a manly spirit.

I've never wanted to be a woman. :)

(See - I commented, but I'm nuts.)

Adoro said...

tony, I totally agree; Paul admonishes men to have great, great respect for their wives, and does reference dying for them.

cathy ~ LOL

Terry ~ I am very comforted to hear that you never wanted to be a woman. :-)