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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Parody Gone WILD!

I am long overdue for one of my Catholic Soap Opera posts, and I think one is in the works. I've been inspired again, so I'll actually just give you a snippet of what is to come.

I've been lurking with great interest at the Monastery of the Brothers and Sisters of Perpetual Discernment, and, boy, let me tell you, things are ERUPTING over there!

Sweet but clueless Sister Caprice has "discerned" that she is called to the priesthood. So just IMAGINE the shock and horror of Mother Frangelico and Father, both of whom were so apoplectic that they couldn't even SPEAK at first! And when they could, it was a regular battle!

Sister Caprice has no idea why they're so upset and went off to the chapel, crying, apparently, while Father and Mother Frangelico argued about which one of the is going to educate her, and Father keeps trying to push the responsiblity onto the previously unseen "Brother Brit". Apparently he's a character who will be joining the cast soon.

So...what's going to happen? Will Sister Caprice be obstinate and insist on becoming a priest? Or will Father sit down with her and calmly explain the theology behind why it's impossible that she ever be ordained? Will Sister Caprice be kicked out of the Monastery? Or will the mysterious Brother Brit be able to guide her to a fuller understanding of the Vocations appropriate to her?

And just READ the comments for the amazing connection Sister Caprice has to the Spirit of Vatican II community!


BretonHobbit said...

This is random to leave in the comment box, but I was doing research for work, and you may have heard of this, but I came across this, and I think he's from your Diocese, might be good to get him some prayers:


adoro said...

Hi, Brentonhobbit, nice to see you again!

Yes, I'm extremely familiar with Father Vakoc and his condition.

(And you know...I could swear that you sent that link to me before when researching something.'s possible someone else did). Strange. I think that's for some reason the most-emailed link I get! LOL! I hope all you who are sending it to me are praying for him!

Maureen said...

You know, though... the basic idea of a discerner community isn't really all that comical. Sorta like vocation camp. The local archdiocese could run it, and get discerners to do service to earn their keep, and they could do various things to test vocations and such.

Heh, heh....

adoro said...

Maureen ~ Actually, there is something like that locally, and no, that's not funny. However, I think the point of this blog is to point out the issues that lead to "perpetual discernment" and so take the very serious decision of figuring out where one is called...and make it humorous. the blog, check out the characters and see where it's going. I think they need more humorous contributors, though. (No, don't look at me, I'm not humorous.)

Padre Steve said...

I agree with Mother Frangelico for sure!

Adoro said...

Well, it seems that things have gotten sorted out as Sister Caprice now understands the male-only priesthood. And she's not getting kickd out of the monastery.

This story is developing!