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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fear of Storms

I just watched a segment on the news about the affect of the tornadoes in Hugo on the children who survived it. They are described as "clingy", as quiet, very much "not themselves." They are fearful to remain in their homes (of those that were not completely decimated), and, of course, there are likely other fears the parents perhaps can't put to words.

I've written of the intense fear I used to have of storms; I was already afraid of them for some reason, but when a tree hit our roof, right over the room in which I slept in morning daylight in what seemed to be a garden-variety storm, fear went into overdrive. For a long time.

I watched the weather closely, and if the nighttime promised storms, I refused to sleep either with my Mom or even in my own bedroom. Why? Because there was a very large tree directly outside my window, and I was afraid that a strong wind would topple it right on top of me.

So I slept on the floor in the livingroom right by the big bay window that ran from the floor to the ceiling.

It was a stupid place to sleep, but then again...I was so terrified that the slightest rumble of thunder woke me up and prepared me to take immediate flight. I slept by the windows with the drapes open, for that way, I could see what was coming. As long as I could see, I was terrified and shuddering, but I was OK. Because it gave me a sense of control over my ability to protect myself and sound the alarm for my family. I was the self-appointed "guard", and I would be assured of being the first to know if a storm threatened us.

My heart just goes out to all the kids in Hugo, and their families, for guaranteed, never again will ANY of those people be able to look at a threatening sky and go about their business. They will remember the EF-3 that wiped out their homes, took a life, injured several...and destroyed their sense of safety.

Please keep all of those people in your prayers.

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