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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting There!

Classwork has been absorbing my attention, but finally, I'm seeing the light! I have one assignment printed out, I have submitted two of them formally for the other two classes, and for the first class, the paper just needs some editing and maybe some additional information as well as a title page. And then I'm DONE...until August.

Ugh...I have TWO MORE YEARS of this agony?

You know..if I didn't love God, I wouldn't do this at all.

And although my brain is fried (thus my last paper isn't finished tonight), I'm all psyched up for some strange reason. Which is bad, because I really need to go to sleep. Being wound up and sleeping don't go together well. It usually ends with "tossing and turning". Followed by a long miserable day.

But since this paper is nearly done, well, tomorrow evening I can finish it as I grill my dinner (going to be a nice evening)...unless I'm lazy and just bake a pizza. No matter!

OK, off to try to relax. Eventually, maybe as early as tomorrow, I'll get back to trying to post deep thoughts, Adoro-style. Until then...ta-ta!


Anonymous said...

I remember those days! I was working full time & going to school for my MBA full time... I was working & studying... and when I could find time eating & sleeping. It was a crazy busy time in my life - but there was a light at the end of the tunnel and with God's grace, I made it.

Just keep pluggin' away - before you know it, you'll be graduating!!
And then... you can PARTY!!!

till then - we'll keep on praying for you.


Adoro te Devote said...

Thanks! I REALLY NEED lots o' prayers!