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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blogs of Our Lives - Episode 5 - General Blogspital

It's been nearly a year since the last episode of Blogs of Our Lives. As such, it's time for a new episode. Unfortunately, due to the time lapse, I'm not able to narrate a continuation from the previous stories, although I have a similar inspiration to restart the series and I will draw on some of the old themes for the sake of some kind of continuity. (I'm Catholic...we ALWAYS see things in the context of the hermeneutic of continuity. If we're true Catholics and not Modernists, that is.)

When last we met, the Spirit of Vatican II "church" was struggling with issues of incompetent pastorship, drugs, liberating chairs, and all sorts of things. That "community" became divorced from the local ordinary and formed their own Modernist commune involving some really strange militants and even some Federal Agents instrumental in liberating the people from the cult. For the whole story, click on the link and go back to the beginning to read it all! Truly, the end of that "church" is the same (spiritual) end of the modernism we witness today.

But...we have to ask....WHEN will the next "community" pop up and give us something to talk about?

So, to begin our true episode, we go to visit Ma Beck, whose home is on the market and requests prayers. And her adorable daughter Mary is walking and getting into things and constantly inquires, "What dat!?" And to juxtapose the innocence of childhood complicit with the joys of motherhood, she draws our attention to the documentary, "At the Death House Door". She also draws our attention to a woman who has gained glory in Heaven, although she lost the Nobel Prize to Al Gore. Just a reminder that our small (and purely heroic!) efforts on earth will reverberate for eternity...even as the accolates and rewards gone to another for false ideologies corrupt into the same dust and oblivion from which they arose. What other information to inspire holiness will Ma Beck provide for us?

Meanwhile, back at the kneeler....

Swissmiss at St. Monica's Kneeler laments that she's perpetually "out of the loop". Yet she realizes that the loop isn't everything it's cracked up to be and tends to focus on the more important factors in life...such as being a mother. She's also dealing with the realization of the suffering that surrounds her in friends and neighbors and her own social groups. And of course, she's facing the issue of modernism that surrounds her, "intolerance" versus "permissiveness". Will Swissmiss give in and become permissive, leading her children to Hell, or will she maintain the proper balance of true "tolerance" in her life in complete rejection of the modern notion?

Next we go to check in on Father V. at Adam's Ale, who highlights the importance of mothers and how they combat and conquer the world with charity, part of a gift that influenced his own Vocation to the Priesthood. He also discusses Social Justice and feeding or giving money to the homeless that inhabit our cities and highways and byways. In spite of all of the suffering and angst over how to deal with the poor, will Fr. V. continue to LOVE to be a priest?

Speaking of Vocations...

We have a NEW PARODY in town, the Brothers and Sisters of Perpetual Discernment! It seems that our new neighbors, a fledgling community made up of Mother Frangelico, a cloistered nun given permission to start this community along with Father, have only a couple "postulants" so far. They seek to help the youth of today discover God's will for them...with hilarious results! Already, Sister Caprice has "discerned" that she is called to be a priest...and you can't IMAGINE the uproar! Thanks to the other "postulant", Brother Brit, she's come to her senses and the whole monastery is getting along now.

But Mother Frangelico is sick of her shenanigans and is trying to push her out of the nest. And Brother Brit seems to have things figured out, but we're still awaiting his info on his recent retreat. Father seems to be more interested in getting onto cool vocation movies but has a few shining moments of real pastoral care, enough to keep us guessing. And Sister Caprice...oy, what are they to DO with that young lady? One moment she's speaking with the angels...the next minute she's snapping at Mother Frangelico!

But wait...there's MORE! Mother Frangelico is asking for names for the Monastery, in keeping with their mission. So far, the offerings have been along the lines of St. Perpetua, St. Jude, the Archangel Raphael, and Our Lady of Perpetual Hope. They need help in finding a name, and their welcome message is inviting visitors and even postulants. Go this little community find more parody!

And on a more serious note, with regard to Vocations:

A newcomer to Blogs of our Lives, Father Schnippel of Called by Name invites you to discover your Personal Vocation, and to engage in a new endeavor of Building an Ark! He also asks if you've ever invited anyone to discover the priesthood, and speaks proudly of the new deacons and priests in Cincinnatti. (Hmmm....I'm thinking that the Brothers and Sisters above could use his wisdom...)

Back in Minnesota...

Cathy of Alex, the Recovering Dissident, is lamenting, too, realizing that we are all the Body of Christ, and we are broken. For the theme of Modernism rears its ulgy head again in the form of the protesters who show up every Pentecost, trying to usurp God's glory in favor of their own political agenda.

And we are brought back to the topic of Vocations, as Cathy discusses the impending entrance of Mary G. of Veritatis Splendor, into a Benedictine cloister in early June. And she still has debt to pay before that date. Will the debt be satisfied, or will a Vocation be quashed? Only YOU can help!

And what of Ironic Catholic? Well, this theology professor is up to...well...something as she gets into the world of writing about sex. She is advancing the idea that Catholics like sex, and thinks it's getting very warm in here. I agree! Whew! But in typical style, she's also pointing out sacred trash and welcomes our brothers and sisters from Outer Space. She's a professor of what, again?

(And how did we go from a cloistered nun to sex?)

Moving On...this is a family blog...

Father Erik Richtsteig (did I spell it right this time?) is lamenting, too. And over Modernism, this time how it strikes in the form of Gay Marriage (which is theologically impossible). He's suggesting that maybe we take the advice that Nevada become a beach or we put up the Great Wall of California. Will Father's ideas be taken up by the logical and intelligent populace...or will the great evil of California's idiocy overcome America?

Back in Idaho...

Adrienne, another newcomer to Blogs of Our Lives, is buying bananas. Lots of them, having learned from experience. And she believes she's insane. Is she?

She's also writing the Twelve Steps for Catholics, based upon her own knowledge and experience, all for YOUR spiritual benefit. And she ALSO laments during this episode...for the youth don't "get it" when it comes to Confirmation. And seems they change when the Bishop enters the Church...

And finally...who will fix Adrienne's driveway.

And in Canada..

What is Angela up to?

No one knows. She posts random questions and comments and is otherwise just wandering around Canada, being Catholic. What's UP with that? She says she's fine, but I wonder...what's going on with Angela?

This concludes this episode. Tune in next time for more wild and crazy stories from...


STAGE DIRECTION: Music: "Ave Maria....."


The Ironic Catholic said...

My doctorate has to do with researching trashy sex with aliens. Thanks for clearing that up!

LarryD said...

Very funny! - needed a good laugh with all the trashy sex with (illegal?) aliens going on in California right's that for a segue?

Looking forward to the next episode!

Adrienne said...

Oh my goodness - the work that you put into this very funny post. Thank you so much - you are truly an angel.

Adoro te Devote said...

IC~ ROFL! Thanks! You've had me rolling all day with that comment!

Larryd~ Thank IC...I just provided the foundation for her hilarity

Adrienne ~ Nah, not an angel. I was actually just blowing off steam because I'm fried.

Ma Beck said...

I LOVE your "Blogs of our lives" series!

Very funny and thanks for the linkage!

Adoro te Devote said...

Ma ~ I'm just using the linkage as brownie points in hopes that if I ever come to Chicago we can sit down and have a beer. Or two. And then go to Mass. (Um....not immediately after the beer...)

swissmiss said...

I'm glad I swung by to see that I'm in the included me in your Blogs of Our Lives!! Thanks! Look forward to the next installment :)