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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blogs of Our Lives ~ The Blog and the Beautiful

What's been going on in the blogosphere since we last met?


5.....4.....3....2....1....CRANKY CATHY is BACK! And she's ticked off about weddings, about the bride and groom dissing God, and about the general lack of respect for the sacrament. And she's also ticked off at the same Modernist philosophies that ran through our last episode's theme! And don't even get her STARTED on the topic of CHEST HAIR!

And what of Swissmiss? As it turns out, she's a bad influence, admitting to theft and posting a Meme that encourages the same behavior via her lack of tagging! But WAIT! There's more! She's wondering, if she adds rum to her coke, will things get any better? Go READ and find out!

Meanwhile, back in OHIO....

It's Father Schnippel's 4th Anniversary of ordination, and he's celebrating. Does that have anything to do with the disappearance of Father V. and his missing morning post? He's decided it was "too late" to post for today and claimed his computer was down. What's the real deal? Was it a conspiracy? A spiritual attack? Where's Father V.? Even his Cybersis hasn't heard from him! Does this bode badly for Father S.?

Send the COAST GUARD! But WAIT! She's about to DELETE HER ENTIRE BLOG! Stop the travesty! We need her to save our homies, report on the Church in Chicago, and her dear wee one! Will Ma Beck disappear off the face of St. Blog's?

Speaking of the Church, and the future of the Church....

What's going on with the Brothers and Sisters of Perpetual Discernment?

When we last left the group, they were inviting suggestions for new Monastery names, but so far, one has yet to be chosen. Sister Caprice, the airheaded maybe-discerner has taken her woes to Father, and revealed some of the dark secrets of her past that keep her from knowing God. Father, in a moment of true priestly service was generous in his spiritual direction...could this be a moment of healing for Sr. Caprice? Could Sister's revelation and obvious need for a real family change Father's and Mother Frangelico's ways? Or will they revert to their hardened selves with the entry of two newcomers, Brother Gus and Sister Maxine?

And what of the GHOST in the Monastery? Is it a newbie or is a menacing presence truly terrorizing Sister Caprice? Or could it be, as a commenter suggested, that there is a practical joker in the house?

Go to the Monastery to follow their story!

Next we return to Ironic Catholic, the Catholic Worker of St. Blog's. She's exhausted and is taking a vacation, by her report. And she's tired. Could she be sick? Or just sick and tired of school this year? But if she doesn't recover, we all ask the question....WILL SHE BE FUNNY ANYMORE??????

And what about the elusive Uncle Jim. He's associating with those in the Witness Protection program, tampering with those named "Tony". Is he going to have a show on HBO or is his revelation of Tony's secrets enough to endanger his business and his prayer life? Keep an eye on Uncle Jim!

But that's NUTHIN' up against the battle Angela is fighting! It's a carrot versus butter! Who can withstand such a test?!

And finally, we check in with Adrienne, who was angsting over the bananas when last we met.

She survived! And what's more, she gives great kudos to REACH, a teen ministry in the western states, and we are asked if maybe she is trying to matchmake a Byzantine Priest, (He IS married!) who, according to local teens, looks very cool in his hat? Or could it just be that the teens flock to the rockstars that make up the priesthood in our day and age?

Stay tuned for our next episode of....Blogs of our Lives!

(Stage cue...Music.... Ave Maria.....)


Cathy_of_Alex said...

I feel like I need to ramp up my crankiness. Those posts were not some of my cranky best. My lilacs are blooming so I'm very happy! :-)

Say hi to my buddy!

adoro said...

Hmm....Flowery Cathy. Just doesn't have the same ring. My lilacs are blooming, too, every time I step outside I can smell the apple blossoms and the lilacs, and they're gorgeous!

Your buddy sends you slobbers and much shedding! Just WAIT until you have her on the leash in between the pitbull mix a couple doors away and the cat on a long leash directly to my south! You have not LIVED until you've kept the GSD from devouring the cat and the hound! LOL!

Fr. V said...

Greetings cybersis!

I'm back. A week of sometimes a computer sometimes not a computer and then a complete loss of said computer kept me down. Thanks for noticing!

Happy anniversary Fr. S!

uncle jim said...

these musings of yours ...
had a sanity check lately?
or is this it?
maybe you're working too hard on all that academic stuff ...
maybe you need a night [or week] off to pull it all back together.

having said all that, I like this.

swissmiss said...

LOL!! With characterizations like this, I don't know if I want to be in the loop ;)

It's good you're keeping your sense of humor (maybe not your sanity) throughout your studies.

Enjoy the weekend!

adoro said...

I missed you, Fr. V!

And why do people keep questioning my sanity? What IS this thing they call "sanity". And how can I keep something I've apparently never had????

The Ironic Catholic said...

Adoro, why would you ask if I'll ever be funny again when its questionable I was in the first place? :)