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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Flying Shrimp with Saki

I just got home from our family's celebration of Mother's Day. We broke with tradition and took Mom to a Teppanyaki restaurant (also known as "Hibachi"). I've never had this particular experience. Although I've had sushi - the REAL stuff - before, I'd not had the teppanyaki show before. And it was wonderful.

For those who are not familiar with this, basically thy seat you around a grill, so you may be seated with another group of people to fill up the spots. First they serve a soup and salad, and then the chef comes and begins his show by doing fancy things with sharp objects and even eggs. Our chef tossed an egg into his hat. (We did not see it emerge as a rabbit.)

Anyway, the food was incredible, the show was great, and Mom was happy. I gotta say...there is NOTHING like having your dinner tossed into your mouth followed by saki.

Look Ma, no hands!

Actually, the chef missed my mouth both times but I managed to catch the morsel. However, my clothing now smells like soy, wasabi, and sesame seed oil.

And Mom is happy. It's always good to have a happy Mom. Especially considering she spent the evening voluntarily having food tossed in her general direction!


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Anonymous said...

LOL - yes! The Hibachi shows are wonderful. When I was working in Columbus & the engineers would come to town for training, we would often go to the Japanese Steak House for dinner. What got us is when the two 'cooks' would flip shrimp tails into each others hats or on the other's grill. The flaming onion was also a big hit.

Once, one of the engineers took too much wasabi, thinking because it's green it couldn't be hot. It was so funny - yet we all felt for him...we've all been there!

Today - we had a new hit - fondu!
Lillian Marie

Adoro te Devote said...

OOH! The flaming onion! That is so cool! (I like that a bad thing?)

Being that this was my first teppanyaki experience, I was not aware that everyone gets a coupel shrimp along with their dinner. So when the chef went around the table serving my family shrimp, and Mom objected (she hadn't ordered shrimp), I objected as well as I'd ordered the chickn and steak.

I gave my shrimp to Mom, thinking she'd ordered shrimp and the chef made a mistake, but AFTER dinner I learned that they will give EVERYONE 2 shrimp (unless it would kill someone), and so then I felt like an ass. No wonder the chef looked at me funny!

I'd TOLD my bro that I'd never had teppanyaki before, but he apparently didn't take me seriously...maybe mixed it up with the sushi, which I just love (and am really proud that this time I ate entirely with chopsticks!)

So...fondue...I LOVE fondue! Had it at a friend's house, I own a fondue pot but need a set. Is there a fondue place in Cleveland? (A reasonably priced one?) Or does someone there have one for the group of us? We can all contribute....gotta say, there's nuthin' like fondue and veggies and meat and bread...and chocolate fondue for dessert. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have a fondu pot as well as the mini fondu forks. If you can, bring your fondu set when you come to Cleveland - we can have a fondu party. We can do a cheese & a dessert. The one we went to was a bit expensive - but with some searching on the internet, I bet I can find some great recipes for cheese & dessert fondu. thoughts???? yummy!
Lillian Marie

adoro said... this point all I have is the pot, no set. I actually went looking for a set last Christmas, but couldn't find one anywhere!

At the grocery store, they actually have a fondue you can buy, but I tried it...and don't recommend it. So if you see any of hte pre-made stuff that you just head up...leave it on the shelf! (Just a tip..) :-)