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Friday, May 09, 2008

New Blog on the Block!

Hey, all,

I discovered a new blog, the Brothers and Sisters of Perpetual Discernment, and they appear to be local. There's only a couple posts on there so far, and I'm not really sure what the blog is really about, but it looks interesting. Go check it out!


Ray from MN said...

From the Curt Jester:

Speaking of group Catholic parody blogs there is a new kid on the block called: Brothers and Sisters of Perpetual Discernment and it is off to a fine start. Like any good parody blog it serves a dual purpose in that while providing a humorous take on the discernment of a vocation it also teaches the truth of this process along the way. There is always room for another parody blog, especially one that I am not part of.

So, giving the I.C. a run for her money. I do see reference to St. Paul and St. Anthony in the profiles. Not much there yet, as you have noted.

adoro said...

Well, it doesn't really seem to be giving "IC" any real competetion...totally different types of parody. I like the little exchanges between the characters.

Go on over, Ray, feed into it a bit! I might later when I get time.

Marc said...

Check out my new blog

Also a local twin cities blog.


Ray from MN said...

I was just going to give you the link to Marc's Ut Unum Sint brand spanking new blog, but he beat me here.

I've got about ten more messages from today to look at and then I can start doing "howdies" with the Bros. & Srs.

Ray from MN said...

Hey, I meant to ask: What church is that in your header? Gorgeous!