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Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Should Never Forget

It's one of those moments in history that will forever be burned into our memories. We'll always remember where we were on September 11, 2001.

I'll never forget the images on the tv, watching the plane flying into the second tower, looking at the ruined Pentagon, staring in horror at the burned slash of ground in Pennsylvania. The sounds of the firefighter's PASS devices crying out because they could not...and no one able to respond. The people falling from the towers, then realizing they were jumping for they had to choose their form of death; burn to death or take a leap? Some held hands as they jumped.

To this day, I still cry when I consider those images; such a loss of life, so many families all over world affected in this disaster.

That day, those events, all the people involved, has changed us, and it should change us. We lost our false sense of security that day. We saw our vulnerability as a nation, and our mortality as human beings. And we saw what was really important and set about doing what we needed to do even as we mourned.

But do we remember the slogan, "We Will Never Forget"? Then why have we forgotten? We've moved on focusing on the war and partisan politics and other things, and that true soul that we uncovered in the great tragedy has once again become buried in the pettiness that all too often characterizes us.

Indeed, we have to move on to a certain degree, but today, of all days, we need to stop and remember where we were, and honor all of those who lost their lives, and all of those who leapt into action to aid the survivors, the families, recover the dead, and fill the myriad of needs that arose in the days and weeks that followed. And I guarantee you...those who still mourn still need to be remembered, for their pain is far more personal and lasting than even the images that were burned into our memories. Pray for those who have died, but don't forget about those who still live and may struggle through this terrible day with an unimaginable sense of grief. Pray for them. Be present for them.

And NEVER forget.

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Fr. V said...

I like the title of this post. How many times in history has "We shall never forget" been said and we have. repeatedly. We SHOULD never forget. Yes. Well said.