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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Class Weekend

It's a little after 5 am and I'm sleepily sipping coffee, trying to wake up. It's so hard getting up this early on a weekend, yet so worth it...well, maybe I'll think so when I have my M.T.S. degree in hand in 2010!

Last night I turned in my paper on the historical background of Isaiah, and remembered something I forgot to edit. And a few other things. And a connection I hadn't made. But then was 5 pages exactly, the professor wanted a 4-5 page paper, and it is simply impossible to make EVERY connection and add in EVERY relevant detail in a convoluted history spanning a lifetime and many nations.

Unless one happens to be James Michener. Then again...his books are looooong....!

I just wish the Holy Father had read my paper BEFORE I turned it in so I could have edited the mnemonic methods I used to remember the names... * sigh *

Do you think my professor will notice?

I guess I can kiss the idea of being some kind of Vatican scholar goodbye....


Melody K said...

"Tiger Pilaf"; LOL!

The Ironic Catholic said...

Tiger Pilaf: a zesty Thai dish.

:) hang in there....

Adoro said...


Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Your prof will just assume you turned on the spellchecker. :)