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Friday, September 26, 2008

Holy Card Meme

This one has been making the rounds, so I've decided to tag myself. Check the last line for the idea I added:

The initial premise: What picture do you think would be on your Holy Card if you were to be canonized, and of what would you be the Patron Saint?

Very interesting question, especially considering that I'll be fortunate to make it to Purgatory.

But, if God wills it and I scrape up enough humility to cooperate with God's Grace, sure Sainthood COULD happen. (Stop laughing!)

IF...really big IF..well, this is what I'd like on my Holy Card (never mind the tombstone...):

The artist is Greg Olsen, the title of the picture is "Forgiveness". I choose it because it has such a vivid impact, visually and emotionally. The Sacrament of Confession is so difficult sometimes, even though I go so often, and last weekend in prayer, I had my own visual along with my unspoken prayer, beyond words. I wanted to kneel at the feet of Jesus, place my hands in his, look Him in the eye, knowing He knows all that I've ever done and the sins that keep me from Him now. I wanted to be able to look at Him and know that the scripture passage is true: "Jesus looked at him, loved him...."

I wanted to look into Jesus' eyes and know that in spite of everything, He loves me anyway.

So I went to Confession, and as I prayed my Penance, I couldn't stop the tears. I still had that image in my mind, my hands in His, looking at the unspeakably loving visage of Our Lord. And I told Him that I wanted this experience so much.

Quietly, He said to me, "What do you think just happened?"

Mr. Olsen's painting, "Forgiveness", is me. Constantly, me. Going to Jesus, my head down, hands in His, being forgiven, over and over again. But not looking up, because even though I know He has forgiven me, I can't look up at his patient and loving expression, knowing I'm not worthy of His forgiveness. I'm not worthy of His wounds...

I'd be the Patroness of People Who Have Difficulty Accepting God's Mercy.

And, because there isn't one, the Patroness of Claims Adjusters and Insurance Investigators, and maybe by extension Insurance Agents as well. (Suffered 5 years in Insurance; believe me, a patron saint is needed! Fr. Ciszek is a frontrunner for that position, though.)

And, clearly, the Patroness of the Long-Winded.

I tag:

Cathy of Alex
Fr. Schnippel
Fr. V.
Uncle Jim
Fr. Speekman
CK (You can submit via email....if you choose to accept the challenge...I'll post it!)

Oh, and one other facet that you HAVE to pass on: What do YOU think the person who tagged you would be the Patron Saint of? (grammatically incorrect statement, I know!) Because there's nothing like humility...if the friend you tag disagrees with your self-assessment, this is their chance to get in a slam or a compliment! The result reflects upon the virtue of the taggee....and the sense of humor in the tagger!

I got this idea from a friend of a few years ago; she used to call me the "Patron Saint of Eyes" because she wore contacts, as did I, and so I always had saline or something she needed. Always. Whenever R. was suffering, I had what she needed. (No offense to St. Lucy!) When I was in college, friends joked that I drove the "Bat Car" because...should disaster arise, the remedy was almost always in my trunk, or glove box, etc. Ideas for the rest of you as you ponder where this Meme might go...

As no one tagged me, I'm exempt from this would be challenging, but fun to come up with the patron sainthood of my fellow bloggers!


And be Saints! (I need people to emulate...)


Father Schnippel said...

And, clearly, the Patroness of the Long-Winded


Fr John Speekman said...

This will be a long term project, Adoro, demanding a little more thought than I usually give to things. Be patient, please.

Unknown said...

I want to be the patron saint of mediocrity. Now that is something to which I can hopefully aspire.

St Angelmeg the pretty good. That's me!!!

Adoro said...

Fr. Schnippel ~ I can think of a TON of things equally as flattering for

Fr. Speekman ~ Thank you for giving me a chance to work on patience. :-)

Angelemeg the Pretty Good ~ ROFL! MEDIOCRITY IN ALL THINGS!

Lillian Marie said...

Wow - I wasn't prepared for how much thought went into this - but it is now done.

Link here:

uncle jim said...

"...friends joked that I drove the "Bat Car" because...should disaster arise, the remedy was almost always in my trunk, or glove box, etc."

for years, I traveled for work a lot. I, too, kept everything I thought I could need in the event of an emergency .... from sleeping bag to candles for heat & light to car repair items (spare bulbs & fuses) and fluids to tools to change of clothes to food & drink to flashlights and batteries to first aid to...

many would joke about it until they were with me or I was where they were and I had something they needed.

Lillian Marie said...
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Lillian Marie said...

This may sound funny, but I dreamt about this last night. I would love to be the patron saint of 'Pit Stops'. We all take them... whether it's going from one place to another, taking a pit stop in our faith, taking a breather from something... sorta like a refueling station to gather thoughts, prayers, etc.
I updated my post.

Lillian Marie said...

And Adoro, after considerable thought, I would have to say you would be the patron saint of bell-tower climbers and workers.

Anonymous said...

I concur with LM - Bell Tower Workers! (I don't think there is a saint for these people - yet...well until now) You have more conviction & guts than I do with climbing. I'd freak out on the first ladder (based on your pictures). I'd be the one hanging upside down afraid to move. And just the thought of being that high - yikes! (although the sites seen looked beautiful from the pictures)

Adoro said...

LM ~ ROFL! I think you're the Patron Saint of Punners! :-)

Anon ~ If you're hanging upside down...well, something has gone horribly wrong. And I'd be paralyzed from fear in that position, too! lol!

Lillian Marie said...

Adoro - I resemble that remark. *grin*

Gina said...

Adoro, I could also relate to your holy card picture...I am exactly like that when it comes to confession.
Your post brought tears to my eyes:)
Hopefully one day we will feel worthy and pure enough to look into the Lord's face.