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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Guest Post - Saint CK's Holy Card

CK is one of my regular readers, and I tagged her in the post below. Here is her response:

I think I’d be represented by a reclusive mouse. No matter how quietly I hide behind my rock, God keeps prodding me out to do things for which mice are not equipped. (Apparently I can’t even hide behind my lack of a blog or screen name – I still get tagged for a meme!)

The first picture is me saying, “Back off, man!” The other is me with the Lion of Judah.

I recently went to the Cleveland Museum of Art’s reopening and they have a weaponry room full of intricately engraved swords. They have an exquisite two-handed sword on display and I was looking at it thinking about how the Truth is sharper than any double-edged sword. It’s kind of comical to be a Christian and drag around a sword that I am not even strong enough to lift off the ground. Here I come! The mouse with a sword –raaarrrrrrrr! Photoshop that sword into a mouse’s hands and you’ve got my holy card.

I want to be the Patron of Atheists, Scientists, Catechists, the Mentally Ill, and the Poor Souls.

~ CK

Well....I think she's got them all covered...she's already one of MY patrons! (Well, patronesses...!) And no Reepicheep jokes!
Does anyone want to offer to photoshop for CK?

~ Adoro

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