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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Few Random Thoughts and Some News

Things are going to be very busy this week and next as I labor through the stuff I have to do for my Old Testament class...the reading alone is very laborious and as of right now, I haven't a CLUE as to how to approach my 4 page paper. I'm hoping that by the time I finally get through chapter 36 of Isaiah, which is being read along with extensive commentary and the footnotes of the New Jerusalem Bible, well...that I'll have SOMETHING to put down on paper.

In other words...I likely won't have much to say otherwise, or if I do, I won't have time to say it. I think I might have some stuff in "draft" status that may appear randomly if I get around to it or feel like posting it.

On The Blessed Mother

We recently celebrated the birthday of our dear Blessed Mother, which had me musing a bit about the gospel of John. It is so striking that Jesus look down from the cross, and said to John, "There is your Mother", and to his mother, "Woman, there is your son." The use of the word "woman" as applied to Mary is extremely significant in the paschal mystery, however, at this point I am not going to go into that particular exegesis. Rather, I'd like to direct your attention to the common understanding of this; how John stood in for us all, and we, like him, are to take Mary as our own Mother as well.

But I'd like to say that there's another way to look at this. Certainly, in history, Mary needed someone to take her in; she was a widow, she was alone, and her only Son was leaving this world behind. And so it made sens that the beloved Apostle would take her in. May I suggest, though, that just as she needed a roof over her head and a family, the Apostles ALL needed someone to care for them. For, as God knows, men are completely helpless and without a woman to help them, they'd be completely lost.

(Guys, I love ya, but I don't know a single good man who fails to appreciate the women in his life!)

So...I'm just sayin'...

On to the news...

As you know, I fairly recently returned from a trip to Ohio. I'm going back!

Through an unexpected twist of events, in October I'm heading out to Cincinnati and then on to Columbus to attend the annual Coming Home Network's Conference. Much of the time will be spent having fun, seeing old friends and meeting new ones (because it seems everywhere I go I meet new friends...!). But I'll also be gathering info to be used at work and such, so this trip actually has a professional dimension to it...which I don't think will decrease the fun one bit!

I do hope to write about this conference when I return.

But of course, until then there will be work, work, work, studying, studying, studying....

So it goes.


Unknown said...

I wanna go... :( unfortunately there is NO way I can convince work it would apply to my job. . . *Sigh*

Adoro said...

Kat ~ You know, I didn't think it would really apply to my job, either. That's why when I first saw the brochure, I tossed it. But then the series of events happened that is bringing me there (I'm not sure if the person who is getting me there necessarily wants me to announce it...but let's just say I'm not paying for this trip...nor is my employer.) Anyway, I did learn that any religious Conference DOES apply to our job and we should clock hours if the parish doesn't pay for it. And my DRE has said that she may want me to talk to the RCIA classes this year from info gained, and the Youth Minister has some specific needs, too. So...I'm attending for my work parish..must send a note to my own parish to see if Fr. there has any needs...I don't want this trip to be wasted! I have to many people from Minnesota are likely to go at all, or have the chance to?

This is such a gift to have no idea!

So...keep working on it, send me an email if you need ideas in schmoozing! (I'm great at schmoozing....!) :-P

Banshee said...

Well, darn it, now I wanna go.

(brood, brood, plot)

Anonymous said...

Yup, Maureen, you SHOULD go!

uncle jim said...

me, too !

Anonymous said...


This is pretty cool - I'm very happy for you that you are able to attend this conference (and we expect you to learn a lot and share with us) and hopefully, see your many Ohio friends again. God does work in mysterious ways and although I know you don't feel you deserve it, it's a clear affirmation of who you are and what you are doing to bring Jesus to the world and helping the rest of us with our relationships with God.