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Thursday, September 04, 2008


Last night, even as I was reading Augustine, I had half an ear and one eye on the RNC. Maybe this interests me because it's taking place so locally. And, because this election year has been so weird. And because I wanted to hear Gov. Palin accept the Vice-Presidential nomination.

I think she gave exactly the speech she needed to give, her delivery was wonderful...and the media pundits hate her.

Personally, my impression is this: She's a combination of Jackie Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher, and Annie Oakley.

Several years ago, I read a definition of the word "Diplomat":

A diplomat is someone who can tell you to go to Hell such that you will look forward to the trip.

Yup. I think Sarah Palin can do that. I think people will fall in love with her, whether they want to or not. They may disagree with her positions, but they will find themselves listening, anyway. And they'll find themselves liking her in spite of themselves.

One thing that struck me last night after her speech: she has unitive qualities, and that's what this country needs. She is a true feminist, exactly what the early American feminists envisioned when they sought the recognition of their inherent rights. She is a mother who is not afraid to be a mother and also "have it all". In this culture of death, she brings life, and fresh air into the sepulchre that is American politics.

I'm not a Republican. I don't align with any political party. None of them satisfy me. But Senator Obama, objectively, is unqualified. What has he done? He's not prepared for the job, he has NO experience. Governor Palin, a candidate for VP, not President, is LARGELY more qualified and has a track record to support her. Unfortunately, it's McCaine who's running for President, not Palin. And I can't say he's the best candidate, at least he picked a running mate who, in my humble opinion, could disarm an Anarchist.

THAT'S saying something.

It'll be an interesting election.


X said...

"She's a combination of Jackie Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher, and Annie Oakley."

You hit the nail right on the head!

Adoro said...

As long as that's not taken wrong!

Anonymous said...

Since you are speaking of presidential politics, I would like to wade in with a few comments on the remaining candidates. I am pleased with the selection of Gov. Palin, for her presence and for her pro-life stands, as well as a variety of other pragmatic values in her governing career. Sen. McCain, while he was not my first choice, is certainly a leader, and in my opinion, our best option for someone who will support family values while he attempts to move this country forward. Sen. Obama has his limitations, but the limits of his experience are not an issue for me. No, it is his beliefs about life, and other issues that undermine the family and God in our country, that make him the wrong person for the President of the United States.

Pray for peace, but also pray for faith and families. Families are the basis of the society, at least any society within which I want to live.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Rob.