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Saturday, September 06, 2008

On Voting Pro-Life

Is Pro-Life the ONLY issue? No. Nor should it be, but in the case of non-negotiable priorities, it NEEDS to be. A candidate's stand on life is fundamental to everything else they believe or profess. In Catholic Social Teaching, everything flows from and finds its very dignity in life. Social Justice divorced from moral teaching is the soulless social action we see all around us, such as in sending condoms to third-world countries. As in PP's agenda against life at all costs in the name of "safe sex". Right. Not too safe for the resulting baby, is it?

Everything flows from morality, and if someone's moral stance isn't in place, or isn't strong, then it stands to reason that everything else that person stands for is also based upon flaws, for everything stems from life.

So, to Candidates seeking my vote, if you're "Pro-Choice" my vote is automatically NOT in your favor.

I will refuse to vote "Pro-Choice" for the VERY SAME reason that I would refuse to purchase a house with a cracked or otherwise-flawed foundation.

'Nuff said.


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