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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Awards and Coffee

I woke up this morning to a wonderful surprise, and in fact, I haven't even finished my morning coffee yet and I'm writing a post. That should tell you something.

Adrienne has given me an award she dreamed up just for me, the Most Spiritual Blog Award. Although I have to say that this award says a lot more about HER than it does about me. And with wonderful friends like her, who needs th 2008 Catholic Blog Awards?

So go on over and visit my dear friend may find yourself so at home you'll not find the need to visit anyone else!

Thanks, Adrienne!


Adrienne said...

You deserve it!!

I'm actually going to try and write something spiritual with vast amounts of substance today while maintaining my rule of "will a 7th grader understand it?"

Fr John Speekman said...

Well, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! To receive an award from Adrienne is much better than receiving an award, if you get my drift. Well, done, Adoro. I'll be keeping an eye on you for that depth Adrienne is going to reproduce in her blog. I'll get my snorkel and mask on and dive in here more often. Peace.

Adoro te Devote said...

Adrienne ~ Sure you can! The last time I checked, my blog was middle school level, and you have the gift...I don't think it's hard to stay there. Go for it!

Fr. Speekman ~ Welcome to this, and come visit anytime! It's a heresy-free zone, because if any heretical views are detected, they are immediately brought to my attention so I can get rid of them. (That actually happened once. Just a minor material heresy.) Adrienne speaks very highly of you and I've been meaning to stop by. And will!

God bless!