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Sunday, March 09, 2008

URGENT Prayer Request for Tara!

UPDATE! March 9: Cheryl has been FOUND! Thank you all for your prayers and please keep praying for Chery's return in a different way. Please keep your prayers with Tara and her family.
Tara is one of my regular readers/commenters. Today, Saturday March 8, she has posted the most current picture of her daughter that she can find...because Cheryl has been missing for a week.

Please keep her, her husband, Tara, and all of their family in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

I am asking for her safe return.

Credo said...

I am praying for her safe return. I left a note with Tara.This is a time of great worry.I will ask others to pray here in Ireland.

Melody said...

I'll pray for her safe return; what an awful thing for them to go through!

Fr. V said...

Wow - I prayed but was worried. I guess prayer part one answered - Will start with prayer part II

Anonymous said...

Thanks adoro:
The love that has been poured out is overwhelming! The prayers are of unimaginable infine value--they are working--thank you so much!

Fr John Speekman said...

Will offer Mass for Cheryl on Monday next. Thanks be to God she has been found.