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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Catholic Blog Awards 2008 - WINNERS!

This post is overdue, but I didn't want to post it during Holy Week. It seemed improper. Congratulations to all the nominees and all the winners of this year's awards! The winners can be found here, but note you have to register to see all of the winners and nominees.(which is free).

Congratulations to the infamous Fr. Z. who swept several categories. A huge number of the faithful are clearly partaking in his wisdom, and I see this as a sign of renewal in the Church. (And maybe the beginning of the end of Haugen-Haas and Lifeteen?) Fr. Z. won: Best Apologetic, Best Blog by Clergy/Religious/Seminarian, Best Individual, Best Insider News, Best Overall, Best Political/Social Commentary, Best Written, Most Informative/Insightful, Most Spiritual, and Smartest Catholic blog.

Congratulations to the New Liturgical Movement, who won Best Designed and Best Group Blog.

The Best New Blog was Creative Minority Report , the Best Social/Political Commentary went to American Papist, And Funniest Catholic Blog was granted to Curt Jester who has never lost this particular spot.

Yours Truly was exactly 10th in the "Most Spiritual" category, and I'd like to thank the Academy (ahem...that's YOU, regular commenters and readers!). It was an honor to be nominated in all the categories, and I was honestly shocked. I don't have a sitemeter, so had assumed my readership had fallen off, based on the number of comments on my posts. So either my readers are voting early and often, or my readers are really, really loyal and voted for me at least twice each time. In any case, thank you, dear readers!

I recently pointed out to a couple of fellow bloggers that there are thousands of Catholic blogs...and only a relatively small number were even nominated. Each year, I "discover" new blogs to read, new Catholics contributing to the New Evangelization. This gives me hope for the Church; so often, we find so much to complain about, but when we read firsthand about the faith and knowledge of people who could well be sitting in the pew next to us, well...can I just say that I am edified? You all give me hope, you all encourage me. You all are effecting conversions through your witness.

A huge thanks to the Catholic Blog Awards organizers, most specifically Joshua LeBlanc and Corey Bordelon. And Jeff Miller, who once again designed the award icons, some of which will be also displayed here.

Of all the winners and nominees, I don't know a single one who writes for the purpose of awards; if any of them do, their priorities are sadly misguided. Yet it's nice to be recognized, and it's a great way to strengthen the Catholic community online. Jesus Christ created his Church for a reason, and the internet gives us a chance to bond over states, over countries, over continents, making our Church seem even more connected. I'm grateful for the friends I've "met" via Catholic blogging, and forsee the growth of this technological medium.

God bless you all, and again, Congrats to the winners!


uncle jim said...

as you have well figured out, we readers do not always comment on every entry - but we are here!

Adrienne said...

Adoro - sometimes your very best posts are the one that get the fewest comments. When you have said it all, so to speak, what is one to say?

Statcounter is free. Gem put me on to them and it is way fun to see who is reading you, where they came from, etc.

adoro said...

Adrienne ~ I used to have statcounter and got rid of it, deciding that it took away from what I felt was my mission. But I do know bloggers who use it to form specific posts based on google inquiries, etc.

( was inaccurate. It would say "0" across the board when I had 25 comments on a specific day.)

Terry Nelson said...

Nope - you are that good - you touch a lot of people and a lot of people voted for you.

Adoro te Devote said... guyz! You LOVE me! You REALLY REALLY LOVE me! :-)

Yeah, I know you're out there, even when you're silent.