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Saturday, March 29, 2008

God's Providence

I don't know why I'm always praying and hoping and waiting and worrying, and then, when God answers...I'm always completely shocked.

As you may recall, some of us are working on maybe starting a chaper of Lay Dominicans, and so I did some research, I contacted some local Sisters (wonderful, wonderful Nashville Dominicans), and did everything else I could think of to do. And then I was at a dead end, and so decided to let God work. And I prayed the Litany of Dominican Saints, which is a powerful prayer.

Nothing has happened for over a month, and a part of me has been wondering if it's all in vain...were we really doing the right thing? But of course, patience is necessary.

Then I went to class last night, and learned that while I've been resting and studying and preparing for Holy Week, God has been working.

It seems that there are two Dominican priests coming to our area from another country. They have been requested by a local institution, it has been approved by the Archbishop...and now our quest to begin this new Chapter goes on.

I'm completely amazed. Completely.

And driving home last night, I couldn't stop thanking God for His providence, His apparent answer to our prayers. They'll even be pretty close to where I live!

Now, the cautionary disclaimer; we don't yet know for certain if it's set in stone, if they are for CERTAIN coming, if they are here, or if it'll be months or more. However, if we can validate this information clearly, then we have another person likely to be interested in forming a chapter, and that person likely knows more. Thus, by the time the priests are in place, all that we can do will be set.

Amazing. Isn't it wonderful how we go about our lives, and in the meantime God is slowly moving things into place. And He knows when we will learn the surprise; and in fact, He plans it that way. I just have a mental image of God standing back, grinning when His surprises are revealed to us.

Please keep this intention in your prayers...even though it all seems that it will really happen, there are many unknowns, such as: what if the priests who are coming have embraced a strange theology? What if they have no interest or are unable to mentor us/direct us as Dominican laity?

So we're not at the end, not even close, but I can't help but see God's hand in this. In everything.


Marilena said...

do you know what i would love to have here? lay carmelites! we don't have that where we live. its far to the north of where we live, and i can't travel there, or i would!

Marilena said...

oh, and if you don't mind, i added your blog link in my blogs of note in my sidebar:)

Hidden One said...


Adoro te Devote said...

Marilena ~ We have Secular Carmelites all over the place here! Maybe you should do what we are doing...start your own Chapter. Because you're likely not alone. And I'm thrilled you added me to your linklist...I'll be happy to add you once I get blogger's issues sorted out. (I can't add links...or anything else.)

Hidden One ~ Deo Grazie

Mark said...

It is not necessary to have a Dominican priest for a chapter of the Dominican Laity, since you have Dominican Sisters of Nashville, if they are willing, one of them could fulfill the office of the Religious Assistant.

That is, unless the particular law of your province stipulates priest only for R.A., which would be unfortunate.

Adoro te Devote said...

Mark ~ I already inquired that of them. They are already stretched too thin and don't have time, but they are helping us to find someone else. I just heard from Sister this week, she left me a message saying that she's been playing phone tag with one of the priests and will hopefully be in contact with him soon. :-)

I just love the Nashville Dominicans!