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Sunday, March 23, 2008


INDEED He is Risen!

I just arrived home from the Easter Vigil at the parish where I work, and it was a beautiful Mass. Although I wasn't deeply involved with RCIA this year, I assisted with the last class and gave a short talk on how to receive Holy Communion, Eucharistic Miracles, and Saints. And that talk was only incidental, as the DRE had asked me to help out at the Vigil, so I was with the RCIA class a week ago for the rehearsal, which lead up to giving a talk, completely off the cuff. (Amazing how that works.)

My other involvement was with the children and a teenager. Officially I'm supposed to handle RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation for Children) but as they were only being baptized and will receive other sacraments in upcoming years, the DRE handled their preparation. She is in charge of baptism, but I did assist with a couple things. And there was a teenager I met with a oouple times, discussed some things in the books she was given, but otherwise, she attended the RCIA classes with her Mom, who is on the core team. The girl's Mom was received into the Church either last year or maybe the year before, and is just a real holy woman. She is truly gifted in prayer and wisdom, and had well prepared her daughter for the Sacraments. (And her daughter is just one of those sweet, sweet souls. I think Jesus might be calling her, so please pray for her.)

As Staff, I assisted the group in heading over to the baptismal font, and stood in back, but where I could really see what was going on. And I've found that the theology I've learned, the exegesis of Pope Benedict XVI in Jesus of Nazareth prepared ME to stand there, present, for this Sacrament. Knowing and understanding, realizing the weight of this glorious event.

"My" teenager was also Confirmed tonight and received her First Holy Communion, and you know...I couldn't be prouder. Her mother was seated behind me. (I was in an aisle seat for strategic purposes). The girl was seated in front in between her Godparents. So it was that I was right in the middle of her family, and I could just feel the Grace! And no wonder she is so sweet...all those with her were such holy people. God bless them!

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) says that the Sacraments are what they signify. They are not just signs, but they are more than signs. What they indicate, they DO to the soul, to the individual. Tonight, all over the world, New Catholics have been born, and all of Heaven and Earth rejoices over this new life, rising with Christ.

Please pray for all these new Catholics, and all those who are considering entrance into the Church.

It's been a difficult Lent for me, and my human weakness was brought to the forefront, where it remains. But God's grace is ever-present, and His grace has carried me through the Triduum, in spite of my propensity to sin. God's love is so abundant, so incredible, so vast...He is ever-present in our lives.

I experienced a miracle this week, during the Triduum. As of now, I'm not willing to share this miracle, and I may never share it (on the blog). Suffice to say that there are a few who know about it, and I am still discerning the significance. Initially I thought I should keep it entirely to myself, but for a few others who might understand the gift. I have revealed this miracle to a few others, and did so today to a good friend. She has seen similar things, and explained that such a miracle is often for the purpose of conversion, as a witness to God's glory.

True miracles don't really reflect upon the person to whom they happen; they point to God. They reveal God's glory. My friend suggested that this miracle should be shared for the purpose of the conversion of others, for that's something she's seen before. I wasn't going to share what happened to me with my family. I'm not really sure why; you would think that I'd go to my family first. But family can be complicated and I tend not to bring anything to them. My friend's words were a wake-up call.

God gives us signs and wonders sometimes, even in this day and age. I have family members in need of conversion, so tomorrow I will reveal this to them. Please keep them in your prayers; God has a plan, and we should never miss an opportunity to bear witness to His Glory in our lives, especially when other souls are on the line.

If even a single soul comes to Christ, if a single prodigal comes home, all of Heaven rejoices, and so do we all.

O necessary fault of Adam, that has given us so great a Redeemer!


Fr. V said...

Happy Easter!

"True miracles don't really reflect upon the person to whom they happen; they point to God. They reveal God's glory."

Is God awesome or what!

adoro said...


Terry Nelson said...

Happy Easter Adoro!

uncle jim said...

Happy Easter - and thank you for saying 'YES" to the Lord.

You have surely made Jesus present to many on this most holy of days.

Anna B. said...


Feliz Pascua..

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro: Blessed Easter to you! I'm praying for our new members too.

Melody said...

Happy Easter, Adoro!

Suzanne Swanson said...

Happy Easter! I've been reading for a while, and I really love your story telling. Thank you!

Adoro te Devote said...

HAPPY EASTER to all of you, and Suzanne, welcome HOME! (I'd give you a hug, but New York is a long ways I'm sending my Angel to hug you for me.)

And everyone, don't laugh..I know two people who have been visited by my angel, and I have been visited by theirs.


The Ironic Catholic said...

Happy Easter, Adoro!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

I can testify to the truth of Adoro's Angel!