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Friday, June 13, 2008

A Year in the Life

In one week, I turn a year older. People in our society are so paranoid about age. They want to be older or younger. Myself, I stopped having birthdays when I was 25 because that was a good age. Well, I've got gray hair now, but they still card me if I order a drink with dinner or if I pick up a bottle of wine at the shop down the street. But why be coy? I'm 33 now. Who cares if everyone around me knows that? It doesn't change anything. Why be coy?

In one week, I'll be 34. I used to think 34 was old. But I don't feel old.

This last year has truly been a grace-filled year in which God really answered many desperate prayers and opened my eyes. Last June at this time I was just swallowed up in darkness; I was watching my career crumble around me, I was miserable, I had nowhere to go. But I had Jesus, I had a tiny hope, and I knew I was going back to school. And finally I placed my trust in Him and I jumped...and as other things crumbled around me, I did not fall. Because the Lord was there to set me on another path.

It's been a difficult year in so many ways, but new beginnings usually ARE challenging, and they should be.

But is my day. I have to work next Friday, and all weekend, and throughout all the week after, so this is my only time to celebrate the end of one year of life and the beginning of another.

What am I doing? I'm getting my hair cut. I really really want to get it colored, too, but that's expensive and I can't afford it. Not unless I find a REALLY REALLY good deal! Which isn't likely. The kind of bottle-job I want (which isn't blonde!) is fairly complicated as I first would need overall color (black), and then they'd have to bleach it and then color the bleached areas with the bright red streaks I want.

Yeah, I like to play with my hair. I'm 33 and I'm still not a grown-up. I admit it.

But unfortunately I'm wiser now and more practical and would prefer to spend the pittance I have on paying bills and not frivolous dye-jobs.

Still, it'll be nice to get a hair cut today. It's been almost a year since the last one! And oy, I'm looking raggedy! Not cool!

So it's time to end this rambling post and be on my way. Hope it's as beautiful in your neck of the woods as it is here today in Minnesota!

It is a WONDERFUL day to be ALIVE!


Vincenzo said...

"It is a WONDERFUL day to be ALIVE!"

It is!

ignorant redneck said...

34 is PRIME! You're still vigorous and healthy, peaking in your appearance, energetic enough to enjoy and do about anything, and mature enough to have some common sense!