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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Looking Forward

In one month from today, God willing, I'm going to be waking up in Cleveland.

Yup. I'm leaving Minnesota. Only for a weekend, though. It's been a long time since I traveled anywhere, and when I did, it was for training, and it was on the Company dime. And I had little time for fun. Although we did take an evening to go to Yborr City in the Tampa area, and I got a tattoo.

I will NOT be getting a tattoo in Cleveland.

Here's what's ironic....for nearly 5 years I worked for a company based in Cleveland, and never went there. And never wanted to go there. Now that I don't work at that company, I am flying out to Cleveland and I CAN'T WAIT!

How's THAT for irony?

I've just got to figure out what to bring my friends from Minnesota. This morning I was surfing a little and saw a sign:

"Unattended children will be given espresso and a free puppy."

I'm just looking for an excuse to buy that sign and give it to someone. If I can think of a reason, I'm going to buy it and give it to some lucky friend in Ohio.

Well, off to clean up for work! 3 days left.

And come to think of it...I need to call on my second job...I think they want me to start Monday, and next week is a short week. And I NEED to get 10 hours in at my "real" job, because that's where my benefits come from.

So much to do! So little time!


Lillian Marie said...

The sign - NEEDS to go to Fr. V.! LOL
(sorry Fr. V. - but it is so you!)

As far as the tattoo, I'll have a 'stick-on' just waiting for you. ;-p

And yes, I can't wait either!

Sarah Reinhard said...

Woohoo!!!! Email me the date...I think "road trip" is TOTALLY in my future (she says as she is in the midst of a pretty major one right now...). I think it's safe to say you have BABY DROOL in your future...



adoro said...

LM ~ I was thinking of him, too! LOL. Hopefully he won't read this post (I'm guessing he's not reading anything right about now so no worries...) LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you in person too. If any plans are made for eating, movie etc over that weekend I'd love to be included.


adoro said...

MJ! This is going to be a fun trip! So many people to little time.

Are you coming to the Vatican exhibit?

Melody said...

So it sounds like you got the summer job you were hoping for?

adoro said...

Melody ~ Well, sort of. I have friends who own a small business and one of their emps is taking most of July I'll be taking her hours for a few weeks. But I'll still be unemployed for half of August unless they end up needing me some then, too. (Which they really can't afford). I don't even know what I'm getting paid! It won't be much, but I'll take it!

Anonymous said...

Yes. I'm going to the Vatican exhibit. What day are you coming in?


Adoro te Devote said...

I am coming in on Thursday afternoon, leaving Monday afternoon. (Wish I could stay longer!)

Anonymous said...

I pretty much have the summer off since I'm a teacher. I can be "tour guide" some of the time if you want. I know you have lots of people to see!


Adoro te Devote said...

MJ ~ Well, I think most of the weekend is planned, but if you connect with Fr. V and CK and LM...well, you'll be in the loop! More than I will be! I plan to arrive and just be told where to go next as I'll not be in charge of where we're going next! LOL!

It's going to be a very full weekend! (Can't wait!)

Ohio people are so NICE!

Father Schnippel said...

Ohio people are so NICE!

Aren't we, though?

adoro said...

And humble, too! LOL

Courageous Grace said...

Yes I realize this comment comes a couple of months later than expected but I've been taking a sort of baby-induced blog surfing hiatus that only has me visiting mommyblogs (no offense intended, just that I have a bit less free time than before) and am looking up some of your older posts.

Anyway, I have seen that sign my pediatrician's office. Made me realize I made a good choice for a pediatrician for George, among other reasons.

I hope you're doing well and will try to visit more often. I had forgotten how much I love your blog!